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Alamo City butcher shop expands with new Texas outpost

Alamo City butcher shop expands with new Texas outpost

Cooper's Meat Market
Cooper's Meat Market is coming to Dallas. Photo courtesy of Cooper's

An Alamo City butcher shop is heading to the Big D. Cooper's Meat Market, the family-owned shop that debuted in San Antonio in 1997, will open a Dallas location at Sylvan Thirty with a tentative target date for the fall.

Michael Johnson, who is the second generation in the family business, along with partner Victoria Berezina, used to live in Dallas' Kessler Park. "It's been amazing to watch this community grow and thrive with unique businesses," he says in a release.

Cooper's is known for its meats of all sorts, including wild game and exotic options, plus gourmet prepared food. Exotics include antelope, alligator, elk, frog legs, and turtle.

The gourmet to-go category includes beef stroganoff, beef wellington, beef tenderloin, steak stew, tortilla soup, mashed potatoes, chili, green beans with bacon, boiled artichokes, mac and cheese, cheese and crackers, egg salad, bread pudding, chicken soup, chocolate fudge cake, pies, cookies, and brownies.

Cooper's will occupy a 3,100-square foot space adjacent to Cox Farms Market along Fort Worth Avenue, with the idea that the two businesses will complement one another by offering convenience and quality.

Developer Brent Jackson says that Cooper's heritage represents a key ingredient to their success, stating in a release that "Sylvan Thirty prides itself on attracting independent businesses run by families, artisans, and entrepreneurs."

While meats are the specialty, Cooper's will also carry non-meat items including appetizers, sides, casseroles, wine, and beer. It'll also bring two other obvious essentials to the West Dallas complex: Yeti coolers and Game Guard gear. Gotta have the Yeti.

In addition to its in-store sales, Cooper’s will offer catering services for up to 300 guests and deliver to customers in Uptown, Highland Park, University Park, and Lakewood.