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4 top-notch brunch spots in Northwest San Antonio

4 top-notch brunch spots in Northwest San Antonio

Barrio Barista eggs and coffee San Antonio
Brunch plans this weekend? Try a Leon Valley favorite.  Barrio Barista/Facebook

There's nothing better than discovering a great new place to eat, and every area of the city contains neighborhood spots that locals love to frequent. To that end, we've rounded up the local favorites for brunch in Leon Valley, from hidden gems to quaint cafes.

Courtyard Cafe
This neighborhood cafe is a hidden gem for breakfast food, and on Saturdays and Sundays, the breakfast menu is available all day. No matter what you order, consider adding the famous cheesy grits on the side. Patrons also love the different pancakes, like peanut and banana, pecan, or blueberry cheesecake. For lunch, guests rave about the home-cooked meatloaf.
Must-try dish: Cajun jambalaya omelet

Barrio Barista
A father-and-son duo (who you often see greeting guests) owns this coffeehouse, which has become a local favorite in only two short years. It has a warm and inviting atmosphere, and the decor showcases some amazing local art. There's no denying a big reason people keep coming back is the food, however, patrons stress the coffee is just as great.
Must-try dish: Barbacoa grilled cheese with avocado

French Sandwiches
This small sandwich shop offers “French fare with Vietnamese flair,” serving some of the best banh mi in the city. All different types of sandwiches are available — from traditional favorites like tuna or turkey to more adventurous selections like pâté. Every sandwich comes with a cream puff pastry and choice of soup (the French onion is the most popular), salad, or chips.
Must-try dish: Hot ham and cheese croissant

Leon Valley Cafe
The breakfast and lunch options are superb at this cafe, but take note: Brunch is served on Saturdays only. Although the seating is very limited, the fast and friendly service keeps wait times to a minimum. Most dishes are traditional American brunch options, all of which are made from scratch.
Must-try dish: The Hangover, a sandwich of fried eggs, bacon, chipotle aioli, spicy salsa, and homemade potato chips


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