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Where to eat in San Antonio right now: 5 brand-new restaurants for 2019

Where to eat in San Antonio now: 5 brand-new restaurants for 2019

Paramour SA interior
Paramour isn't technically new, but it's received a jolt of energy courtesy of a monthly pop-up series. Paramour/ Facebook

It’s a new year and a new you, so why begin January eating at the same old restaurants? This month, shake up your routine by trying the latest newcomers to the San Antonio.

From a new eatery that serves traditional Texas barbecue to trendy Hawaiian joint with vibrant fare, these restaurants are helping keep Alamo City’s dining scene electric. Hitting them all up this month is our favorite resolution.

09 Midtown Bistro
This sunny Broadway Street lunch spot specializes in classic deli sandwiches like The Zoo with roast beef, grilled onions, fresh jalapeños, and The River, a tuna salad with a little heft from potatoes and carrots. Less expected are the savory brunch crepes in flavors like chipotle chicken and zucchini cheese that practically scream to be enjoyed with a mimosa.

Big Aloha’s Ali’i Cove
Poke bowls are currently a hot commodity in Alamo City, but they are not totally representative of Hawaiian cuisine. This Universal City joint offers the full spectrum including loco moco (a combo of white rice, hamburger patty, fried egg, and brown gravy), fried chicken katsu, and kalua pig. There’s also musubi, a dish similar to nigiri but substituting Spam for raw fish. And yes, there are also three varieties of poke. Get it with spicy ahi and a topper of shrimp tempura for extra crunch.

Burnwood ’68
Barbecue lovers in Five Points were saddened when acclaimed pitmaster Emilio Soliz closed King’s Hwy Brew & Q in August 2018, but the move did come with a silver lining. In early December, Burnwood ’68 opened up in the space offering the Texas trinity (brisket, sausage, and ribs) along with solid sides like German potatoes, creamed corn, pinto beans, and coleslaw. For a new take on an old standby, try the brisket nachos, a dish that should be offered at every sports bar in the world.

Lucy Cooper’s Texas Ice House
This sassy new eatery hopes to bring San Antonio’s ice house tradition back with a combination of good beer, a laid-back environment, and approachable cuisine. There’s plenty of easygoing bar food such as pizza and wings, but the real treat is the low country boil swimming with snow crab, shrimp, smoked sausage, fresh corn, and potatoes. It’s meant to shared, but no one will blame you for hoarding it for yourself.

What’s that, you say? Paramour isn’t a new restaurant? True, but it has received a new jolt of energy courtesy of a new monthly pop-up series featuring some of San Antonio’s best chefs. First up is James Canter of food truck Guerilla Gourmet, who is bringing a globally inspired menu to the chic downtown bar. Bites like tikka masala meatballs, baby langoustine rolls, and Korean smoked pork sliders all pack a punch with bold flavors, perfect for pairing with a heady Old Fashioned.