Rover's Roundup

The best dog-friendly hangouts in San Antonio

The best dog-friendly hangouts in San Antonio

The Friendly Spot dogs pups
Take your pups out for a day out on the town. The Friendly Spot/Facebook

We know you don't always pick a restaurant based off taking your dog to dinner, but sometimes you just want your pup with you. Here is a lovely little roundup of where you can hang out and your pup can be happy too.

Each spot we visited had two major criteria: shade and a comfortable place to lay around. Most offered fresh water and special treats, and all were incredibly welcoming. Now you just have to figure out what you're going to eat and drink.

A few additional items of note: Rover is welcome at most River Walk restaurants and at The Pearl. This town has gone to the dogs, so get out and enjoy this so-called winter with your pups.

Bakery Lorraine
This Pearl hot spot is perfect for not only the macarons, but for the pup-friendly treats they carry as well.

The Cove
Built for parents of humans and pups, this place has it all. Take your kids, take your dogs, and take your appetite.

Crumpet's Restaurant & Bakery
With an extensive patio, the shade goes on for days. We suggest brunching here.

The Friendly Spot
This Southtown fave loves the pups. As the name implies, it's super friendly, offering hydration stations for your beloved pooches.

The back patio has water bowls and organic dog treats. Here's a friendly reminder for you: guard your burger. We turned around for one second and our burger was gone.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine
Freshly made doggie treats make this stop a must for your pup. They have great green eats for you too.

Jason Dady Restaurants
This restaurant group is dog-friendly all over town. Check out Shuck Shack, Tre Trattoria, Tre Enoteca, B&D Ice House, and Two Bros BBQ Market. There are always puptastic vibes.

La Frite Belgian Bistro
Amazing mussels and the dogs are welcome to hang in Southtown all day — the perfect combo.

The super-friendly staff will spoil the dogs with sausage (no seasoning) and a large bowl of ice water. Now if only we could have a bib for the pups.

Two Step Restaurant and Cantina
This amazing patio is well-shaded, and our server brought our pups ice water and bacon. We barely got out of there with our dogs — the love for the server was real.