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Whole Foods Market caters to vegans with chef-created holiday meal

Whole Foods Market caters to vegans with chef-created holiday meal

Whole Foods Market holiday
Vegetables are the thing, see. Photo courtesy of Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market has upped its holiday game with the addition of a new vegan holiday meal, which debut son November 1.

The Texas-based supermarket chain has partnered with award-winning chef Jeremy Fox, author of the cookbook On Vegetables, to launch a holiday meal that's entirely vegan.

In prior years, Whole Foods' focus has been primarily on turkey or ham dinners — although in 2017, it did partner with Vedge, the legendary Philadelphia vegan restaurant, on a meal with cauliflower, lentil stuffing, rutabaga-mashed potatoes, and carrots.

Fox is currently chef and partner at Rustic Canyon and Tallula's in Santa Monica, California. He has a new restaurant called Birdie G's that will debut in spring 2019.

He's known for his game-changing approach to cooking with vegetables, as well as a thoughtful and sustainable approach to farmers market-driven cuisine.

He collaborated with Whole Foods' culinary development team to provide a plant-centered option for customers and new twists on classic holiday sides.

Okay, okay, enough with the fanfare, let's get to the point. The vegan meal for two includes:

  • Romanesco cauliflower roast with miso bagna cauda: Whole, slow-cooked Romanesco cauliflower with lemon-garlic bagna cauda sauce and red miso.
  • Cremini mushroom stuffing with kimchi: Slow-cooked cremini mushrooms steeped with rosemary, extra-virgin olive oil, and white wine vinegar, plus sautéed shallots and vegan kimchi.
  • Charred escarole with tomatoes and chickpeas: Autumn stew of cherry tomatoes and chickpeas braised with garlic and rosemary, on a bed of charred escarole, the lightly bitter green.
  • Roasted acorn squash with maple and hazelnut dukkah: Wedges of squash, roasted sweet-and-sour style with maple syrup, sherry vinegar, and cayenne pepper, topped with an earthy crunch of hazelnuts, sesame seeds, herbs, and sea salt.
  • Frosted sweet potato blondie with spiced cashews: Roasted sweet potatoes and golden raisins add a natural sweetness to this vegan take on a traditional blondie, with vanilla frosting, a sprinkling of toasted cashews, sugar, and a hint of curry.

The vegan holiday meal will be available for Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season at Click your store and look for the "Vegan Holiday" link on the left.

Customers can get $5 off online pre-orders of the vegan holiday meal placed on November 1-6 with the promo code VEGAN.

To celebrate World Vegan Day and the new partnership, recipes will be featured on Whole Foods Market hot bars nationwide November 1.