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8 delicious food trailers that keep San Antonio's dining scene trucking

8 food trailers that keep San Antonio's dining scene trucking

Aye Que Rico taco food truck
Aye Que Rico keeps San Antonio's food truck scene rich. Aye Que Rico/Facebook

With diverse menus and affordable prices, food trucks are an essential part of San Antonio. But summertime heat can make enjoying al fresco meals a dicey affair. Now that fall has arrived, it’s time to start rolling again.

Alamo Hot Dog Co.
Located downtown near the River Walk, this food truck is known for two things — bacon wrapped hot dogs and quirky haiku-like Facebook posts. The two make perfect sense with each other. Neither need frills to impress.

Ay Que Rico
This traveling concept is cause for exclamation, especially when guests bite into genius creations like the rich barbacoa grilled cheese. Those not ready to take on that monster can enjoy a variety of mini street tacos filled with succulent ingredients like al pastor, brisket, and shrimp. Either way, order the freshly squeezed lemonade, a tangy treat that holds up to the bold flavors.

The Beignet Stand
A fixture of the Pearl Farmers Market, this family owned concept offers Louisiana’s signature pillowy sweet with a little lagniappe. The selections are always changing, but recent temptations include a beignet with buttery pecan and marshmallow yam filling and a savory interpretation using Swine House Bodega tasso ham, Creole tomato sauce, and goat cheese.

Catch the Wave
Chef Leo Davila is a vet of some of the area’s most acclaimed restaurants, but his mobile taco concept has him riding high. His sharp palate provides unexpected ideas like char siu pork belly, hatch green chile barbacoa, and a take on smoky corn in a cup. For extra chill, order them with a CBD-infused corn tortilla.

Go Vegan
Located in the Block SA food truck park, this plant-based concept proves that comfort food doesn’t need dairy or meat. While its hard to best the wallop of creamy mac ’n’ cheeze loaded with tangy barbecue sauce and Beyong Meat patties, the tofu tacos come close with a Thai peanut garlic sauce and wonton strips for extra crunch.

Krab Kingz
Tuck a few Wet Wipes in your pocket before visiting this San Pedro Avenue truck. The Houston import packs on the seasoning, staining hands in the process. All the mess is worth it, though. The sweet crab and shrimp are achingly fresh and the butter sauce is a savory foil. Best of all, the trailer is BYOB. An off-dry Riesling will hold up to the spice.

Palm Frites
Bobbie and Nick Banda, owners of this traveling truck, spent a combined 51 years in the Air Force traveling (and tasting) the world. But for all the other global treats they encountered, Belgium’s signature fries always held a place in their hearts. Now they are sharing them with the Alamo City, serving them topped with Tex-Mex ground beef and pinto beans or slathered in gravy a la Canadian poutine.

Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks
This trailer may be far from the City of Brotherly Love, but its cheesesteaks can still ring the Liberty Bell. And it bridges the divide with the San Antonio, a sandwich that combines Philadelphia’s beloved Cheez Whiz with ballpark jalapeños. Other choices add cream cheese, ranch dressing, or marinara, all anchored by juicy shaved beef.