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6 choice San Antonio steakhouses for a prime Father's Day celebration

6 choice San Antonio steakhouses for a prime Father's Day celebration

Bohanan's SA
Dining at Bohanan's is a rare treat. Bohanan's/ Facebook

With Father’s Day coming up June 17, we’ve been hearing a lot about steaks. But why should you only enjoy them once a year? From payday to Beyoncé’s birthday, there are plenty of reasons to throw down with a choice cut of USDA prime. The best San Antonio steakhouses are here to make every day a celebration.

Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and Seafood
From the wingback leather chairs in the bar to the white tablecloths and artfully folded napkins in the main dining room, everything is old school at this downtown mainstay. That goes double for the menu, which features tried-and-true dishes like shrimp cocktail, seared Hudson Valley foie gras, grilled oysters, and lamb with mint jelly. The steaks are, of course, top quality — and even better with an add-on of sautéed lump crab or a rick béarnaise sauce. The classic cocktails ain’t shabby either.

Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden
When meat is the star, sides can often be an afterthought. Not so at this Pearl stunner, where barrel-cut filet mignons can be paired with braised collard greens in a bacon broth; young beets with feta, oregano, and good olive oil; potatoes whipped with Gruyere; and Brussels sprouts with grilled lemon and chorizo. Although the kitchen standards may be high, Boiler House hardly feels stuffy. You’ll feel just as comfortable here in a T-shirt and jeans as you would in a suit.

Josephine Street
It’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking at the menu of this Tobin Hill roadhouse. The offerings include everything from fried shrimp to Southwest chicken dishes, served alongside bar snacks that are so big they can make a meal themselves. But the affordable steaks are where it’s at. You can get a 14-ounce sirloin for just under $20 or throw down with a 12-ounce New York strip for only $25.95. Either way, you’ll want to pair it with whiskey. Go with the Texas flight with selections from Garrison Bros., Rebecca Creek, and 1835.

J-Prime Steakhouse
To tell the truth, we don’t know what the “J” stands for. Juicy? Joyful? Jocund? But we do know that this Stone Oak restaurant is our jam. A meat-lovers dream, J-Prime offers 24-ounce porterhouse steaks, huge pork chops, and a rack of lamb that might as well be out of The Flintstones. Kindly, the eatery offers plenty of lighter dishes for contrast — think octopus ceviche, Hawaiian tuna tartar, and a farm fresh beet salad. 

Myron’s Prime Steakhouse
If taxidermy mounts and nailhead upholstery aren’t your cup of tea, go to this San Antonio favorite for a more contemporary steakhouse experience. The framed drawings of horses may nod to the cattle baron days, but the cool neutral walls, exposed Edison bulbs, and metal accents are very much of today. Accordingly, the menu walks that same tightrope. Along with traditional steak cuts and entrees like double cut pork chops and surf and turf, you’ll find bold flavors in the wasabi seared tuna and the jalapeño mac ’n’ cheese.

When a chef like Jason Dady decides to do a steakhouse, you know you’re in for a treat. Along with beef from the most ranches in the country, you’ll find achingly fresh seafood including East Coast and Gulf oysters and a raw bar featuring crudo, caviar, and the city’s best shrimp cocktail. Even the steaks have his distinctive touch with toppers like fried local eggs, sea urchin butter, or seared foie gras with pickled blueberry. If you want to do Range right, order a drink from the martini bar, customized right down to the garnish.