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Favorite Texas burger joint opens first-ever San Antonio outpost

Favorite Texas burger joint opens first-ever San Antonio outpost

Hopdoddy Burger Bar hamburger Jackalope special April 2016
To celebrate its opening, Hopdoddy is putting its Jackalope Burger on special. Photo by Jane Baudouin

It's time to break out your stretchy pants — San Antonio is getting a new burger joint. Opening Monday, April 25, off La Cantera Parkway, is Hopdoddy Burger Bar, a juicy joint out of Austin.

An emphasis on fresh ingredients and humanely raised beef has bolstered Hopdoddy's reputation as one of the top burger destinations in the country. Since debuting in 2010, the chain has expanded to Dallas, Arizona, Colorado, and California — and now San Antonio.

Hopdoddy's detailed menu ranges from classic burgers to more adventurous patties like bison, tuna, and black bean. Fresh-cut fries are the standard side, and they go best with a green chili queso or truffle dressing. If that's too many carbs for you, a handful of salads balance out the heavier options.

Complementing the creative burger selection is a lineup of craft beer and unique specialty cocktails. For those with a sweet tooth, the milkshake menu delights (can you say Nutella and chocolate pretzel shake?).

Hopdoddy also rotates through fun — and sometimes extravagant — seasonal burger, shake, and cocktail offerings. To mark the opening of the San Antonio locale, the restaurant is putting its "Jackalope Burger" on special. It features a beef and antelope patty topped with rabbit-antelope sausage, barbecue sauce, ancho honey nopalito slaw, and pepper Jack cheese on a brioche bun.

Sound tasty? Get in line, because it's only available during opening weekend, April 29 through May 1.


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