Relationships and Food

The best San Antonio restaurants for first dates, breakups, and everything in between

Top San Antonio spots for dates, breakups, and everything in between

Zinc Bistro & Bar
If you're a wine-and-dine couple, Zinc Bistro is your place for date night. Zing Bistro & Wine Bar

No matter how you slice it, food is a major part of any relationship. This story focuses on where to eat while single, dating, or breaking up. Caution: We're not relationship experts, and we cannot promise you love or an easy breakup. We can simply suggest where to eat, so dine at your own risk. 

Looking for love in all the right places
Why not look for love in cool and beautiful spaces? Set the bar high, people. The bar at Supper offers a brilliant bird’s eye view of everyone, and all the cool kids are hanging out there right now. The same can be said for Feast, Southtown’s cooler than cool hangout.

First date 
We like the idea of a coffee/food first date combo, so stop in for some avocado toast and a nice cup of joe at Rosella Coffee Company. There are always interesting people around, so if your first date is a bust, maybe you'll meet someone new. It happens. 

Let’s be exclusive
A romantic spot is a must on this one. There's no better "Will you be mine?" location than La Frite Belgian Bistro. Quaint, Belgian, and cozy, romance is easily accomplished at this destination. 

First fight
If you're going to have a first fight, do it at a steakhouse. You can whisper your disdain over whatever disagreement comes your way, just have your server remove those heavy knives (this is a simple disagreement after all). Kirby’s Steakhouse has the private booths you need in this situation and, by dessert, everything should be better.

Date night
For good people-watching and a great wine list, we suggest Barbaro. The restaurant is always on point with the chopped salad and a specialty pie, and the atmosphere is top-notch for catching up on life with your sweetie. If you're more of a wine-and-dine couple, Zinc Bistro & Bar is your place; the patio is like a trip to Europe. 

Breaking up
We’re sad for you. Or maybe we’re not. You get to start over, and, by the way, you deserve way better. So, get to breaking up at La Gloria. Then call your crew for margaritas on the patio.

Just the girls date
Start with blowouts and bubbles at Blo Blow Dry Bar in Lincoln Heights, and then head to Paesanos Ristorante for fun and great food before hitting the dance floor. At Tucker’s Kozy Corner, you'll find outdoor dancing with a live DJ and the best '90s playlist around.