Sweet somethings

San Antonio's 6 sweetest shops for delectable desserts and perfect pastries

San Antonio's 6 sweetest shops for delectable desserts and pastries

Bakery Lorraine macarons
Bakery Lorraine's macarons are famous throughout Texas. Photo by Nick Simonite

It turns out the old joke is true. There really is such a thing a “dessert stomach.” We won’t get too much into the research, but it’s a scientific fact that there is always room for sweets.

Luckily, San Antonio is full of sweet shops offering everything from artful chocolates to decadent pastries. Try as some might to deny their desire for dessert, nature always wins.

Bakery Lorraine
Every Texan with an Instagram has probably seen Bakery Lorraine’s macarons, and they are as good as they look. Showstopping though those jewel-like cookies may be, first-time visitors should dive deeper into the pastry case to find flaky koiugn-amann, never-dry muffins, and buttery cinnamon rolls. Oh, who are we kidding? Newbies should get all of the above.

Belgian Sweets
Decked out in fine antiques, this cozy shop delivers an authentic European experience. That starts with desserts like elegant profiteroles and matons, a lighter version of an American cheesecake. But, of course, the waffles are the star of the show. Eat them plain or with a huge variety of toppings like gingerbread biscuits, caramelized apples, vanilla ice cream, or fresh fruit.

Bird Bakery
This charming bakery has very famous owners — acting couple Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer — but it is far from being yet another celebrity vanity project. The pies, in flavors ranging from tart key lime to spiced buttermilk, have featherlight crusts. The chocolate chip cookies are impossibly gooey, and the lemon bars would impress even the most discerning Southern cook.

With a name Chocollazo, it’s no surprise that this Boardwalk on Broadway shop would have a gobsmacking assortment of chocolates, ranging from bars studded with gummy bears and potato chips to truffles shaped like obsolete ‘90s technology like calculator watches and brick cell phones. But that’s far from being the whole story. Owner Mary Collazo is just as adept at marshmallows and apple tarts. All are plated beautifully, especially the witty “chocoterie” platter.

This Sonterra darling is a one-stop shop for delectable gifts. The chocolate-covered strawberries are the perfect romantic gesture, and any homesick Texas expat would appreciate the bonbons stamped with an outline of the state. Choicolate can also put almost any image on a truffle, making them a shoo-in as a wedding favor.

Délice Chocolatier & Patisserie
The husband-and-wife duo behind this sweet shop come with some serious bonafides. In 2017, wife Susan Mijares was the runner up on the Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship. A year later, husband Nacho Aguirre took home the crown. The reason for such runaway success is clear to anyone who has ever tasted their delicate cakes, especially the Italian cream and blackberry cake that took home the reality competition’s $50,000 grand prize.