Veggie Delight

10 San Antonio restaurants that delight with veggie-friendly favorites

10 San Antonio restaurants that delight with veggie-friendly favorites

Green Vegetarian Cuisine San Antonio Sandwich
Green Vegetarian Cuisine has a wide variety of flavorful dishes. Green Vegetarian Cuisine/Facebook
Senor Veggie San Antonio restaurant street tacos
All of Señor Veggie's offerings are vegan — even the delicious street tacos. Señor Veggie/Facebook
Viva Vegeria vegan chocolate cupcakes
These bad boys from ¡Viva Vegeria! are also deliciously vegan. Viva Vegeria/Facebook
Green Vegetarian Cuisine San Antonio Sandwich
Senor Veggie San Antonio restaurant street tacos
Viva Vegeria vegan chocolate cupcakes

Vegetables aren't just for vegetarians. Take a bite out of these San Antonio restaurants serving vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes that are so good even meat eaters will approve.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine
This comfort food joint with a focus on veggie heads is accessible to people with all kinds of diets. Green doesn't just refer to the color of vegetables — everything is "green," from the building down to the recycling. Two locations of this eatery make tasty bites like cauliflower hot wings and orange tofu that much easier to enjoy.

Twin Sisters Bakery & Cafe
The delectable French toast already earned Twin Sisters a spot on our list top breakfast joints, and you really can't go wrong with anything on the breakfast menu. Homemade quiche, fresh salads, and hearty soups are highlights for lunch and dinner. Whatever your opt for, top it off with a pastry and a glass of wine.

Señor Veggie
With a name like Señor Veggie it's got to be good. Mexican influence abounds on the all-vegan menu, with some Mediterranean dishes peppered in. The lineup changes seasonally, but the street tacos are always a standout.

Earth Burger
Burger cravings aren't just for carnivores. This "plant-based fast-food restaurant" serves up vegetarian versions of burgers as well as fish, chicken, and barbecue sandwiches. Earth Burger's sides range from standard fries to kale salad — something for every palate. 

Adelante Mexican Food
Although we love it when our enchiladas are drowning in greasy goodness, the offerings from Adelante are a little more health-conscious than your average Tex-Mex joint. You'll find veggie-packed quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, tamales, chalupas, and more at this healthy eatery. 

Ready to splurge? Go for a multi-course dinner at Bliss. This upscale restaurant often includes veggie-friendly options. At Bliss, everything is decadent — just check the menu ahead of time and make reservations.

La Botánica
The food is delicious, but the main reason you want to go to La Botánica is the drinks — we're talking housemade frescas paired with top-notch ingredients and liquors. To complement your cocktail of choice, we suggest the ceviche for something light or the fried red beans and rice balls if it's your cheat day.

Jerusalem Grill
Jerusalem Grill has two convenient locations for delicious Mediterranean dishes. The vegetarian platter offers a taste of the restaurant's meat-free mainstays. The appetizer selection also delights, from the hummus to the fried eggplant.

The Cove
"Sustainable, organic, and local" is the mantra of The Cove, but we'd like to add craft beer and live music to the mix. You can enjoy both with a tasty vegan or grilled portobello burger on the dog-friendly patio.

¡Viva Vegeria!
¡Viva Vegeria! is another all-vegan eatery with a wonderful selection of Latin dishes and guilt-free treats that will satisfy even the most carnivorous San Antonian. Favorites include mole enchiladas and mushroom-stuffed chiles rellenos. Whatever you do, you absolutely must indulge in dessert.


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