French Fries All Day

New restaurant in San Antonio will be french fries all the time

New restaurant in San Antonio will be french fries all the time

#getfried Fry Cafe French fry fries
French fries in the morning, french fries in the evening. Photo courtesy of #getfried

French fries are about to rule San Antonio and, eventually, all of Texas with the arrival of a new restaurant concept in North Star Mall that's dedicated to french fries. Called Get Fried, the restaurant is the new brick-and-mortar home for a popular food truck that has been rolling through San Antonio since 2016.

Get Fried was established in 2015 in Buffalo, New York, and has big plans for 2018, with several more openings in the works, including locations in Austin, Houston, and Dallas — nearly all of the cities where CultureMap has offices. The only CultureMap city without a Get Fried planned is Fort Worth. What, Get Fried, no fries for FW?

The menu has six versions of french fries: hand-cut, seasoned waffle, coated straight cut, curly, sweet potato, and funnel. You choose a fry and then select a sauce from more than a dozen selections including ketchup, malt vinegar, chipotle mayo, and maple syrup.

You can get "topped" baskets, in which fries are topped with ingredients like bacon, pulled pork, and shredded chicken. A sweet version has sweet potato fries topped with maple syrup, powdered sugar, and cinnamon. Texas cheese fries has cheese, bacon, chive, and chili powder.

There is also poutine, the famed Canada french fry dish topped with cheese curds and gravy; and a few non-FF items such as chicken fingers; Buffalo chicken; and pizza logs, consisting of pepperoni wrapped in dough with a side of marinara.

Get Fried was founded by Chris Covelli, who was inspired by the french fry cafes he saw on a trip to Amsterdam. He'd also heard about Canada's famed poutine shops. He saw an opportunity.

He and his entrepreneurial partner Garrett Green opened their first store in February 2015 in Buffalo, New York. There are now two corporately owned stores in Buffalo, with more franchises teed up for New York City and Texas.

Local franchisor Muhammad Abdullah says that Texas is on track for french fries everywhere. "We already have a food truck in San Antonio, and all of the big cities in Texas will have stores open by the end of the first quarter of 2018," he says.