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10 delicious breakfast tacos waking up San Antonio

10 delicious breakfast tacos waking up San Antonio

The Original Donut Shop and Tacos
Fluffy homemade tortillas make Chela's breakfast tacos some of the best in the city. The Original Donut Shop and Tacos/Facebook

Much has been written about the battle between Austin and San Antonio for breakfast taco supremacy, but today, we aren’t here to cast aspersions on our frenemy to the north. In fact, let’s ditch the war and instead bask in the warm, foil-wrapped glow of all the delectable options San Antonio has to offer. 

This hole-in-the-wall does breakfast exactly as it should be: simple, fast and cheap. With 23 all-day options (plus a wide variety of add-ons), your taco can be as elaborate as you want, but we think the unfussy tacos are the best. Try the simple chorizo and egg and add onions and cilantro for a little freshness. Need a little extra heat? The excellent homemade red jalapeño salsa might cause you to break a sweat, but the complex flavor is worth it.

Chapala Taco House 
Before you even order, your server at Chapala Taco House will bring you two salsas (a red and a green) to prepare for the feast ahead. Go for the Quiero taco and add an egg for a treat. Be warned, however. Although the homemade tortillas are substantial enough to contain the bulk of the bacon, egg, potatoes, veggies, and queso without tearing, it can still be a very messy eat.

Chela’s Tacos 
Chela’s Tacos began as a food truck, but quickly became so popular that it expanded into a full-fledged restaurant in Alamo Heights. Thick, homemade tortillas provide a great base for hearty dishes like deshebrada con huevos (shredded beef with sautéed veggies and eggs) or papas rancheras. And the well-stocked salsa bar is full of endless possibilities.

El Milagrito Cafe
Some breakfast tacos are made by the tortillas, while others are special because of the spicy chorizo or fluffy chicharrones. At El Milagrito, it’s the orange and green salsas that steal the show. You’ll automatically get the basic red sauce with your chips, but be sure to ask for the special varieties if you really want to jazz things up. Their zippy, smoky flavors compliment everything from papas to chorizo.

Garcia’s Mexican Food 
Brisket for breakfast? Yes, oh, yes. While barbecue may not seem like the logical choice for the first meal, the brisket tacos at Garcia’s are legendary for a reason: the lean, smoky, and rich meat. Add some avocado for extra creaminess, and douse the whole thing in the spicy green salsa. Beware, the dining room at Garcia’s is deceptively small, so you may find yourself waiting in line. Skip the wait by ordering to-go and consider adding an extra order of brisket because you’re going to want it again (and again and again).

The Original Donut Shop & Tacos
It’s no wonder the Original Donut Shop eventually got an addendum to its name. At this shop, the tacos are even better than the donuts. A highlight of the experience is watching the cooks make the tortillas on the plancha, particularly because the ladies working behind the counter give the best advice. When they insist you double your order, heed their words. Once you get your first taste, one toasted bean and cheese taco won’t be enough to satisfy your hunger.

Los Tacos Gueros
A staple of many local menus, the “trash can taco” is a combination of usually about five ingredients saving you the hassle of having to choose between adding bacon or cheese. Los Tacos Gueros’ version comes with eggs, potatoes, refried beans, bacon, carne guisada, and melty cheddar cheese (all for only $2.79). The super-doughy tortillas soak up all the gravy from the carne guisada nicely, and an addition of rich and smoky Tlaquepaque salsa or bright and citrusy avocado salsa is sure to wake you up.

Taqueria Chapala Jalisco 
A mark of a good breakfast taco is evenly distributed ingredients throughout the dish. At Taqueria Chapala Jalisco, the crispy bacon and roasted potatoes are chopped and mixed with the eggs while cooking to ensure every bite is as flavorful as the last. The true stars are the salsas, though. The red is deep and smoky, while the green is creamy and fresh, and both are suitably fiery. Take a quart of the good stuff home for only $4.50 and thank us later.

Taqueria Datapoint 
If you’re looking for atmosphere, Taqueria Datapoint is not the place. If you’re looking for cheap, flavorful tacos with quite possibly the best flour tortillas in town, it will serve you well. Each order is practically overflowing with eggs, and, should you order cheese, you’ll find a mild white variety (as opposed to the orange blend most shops use). Datapoint is also one of the few places in town that offers huevos con nopales (eggs and cactus) for breakfast.

Twin Sisters Bakery & Cafe
So Twin Sisters may not be the obvious choice choice for breakfast tacos, but if you’re craving something a little bit different, they have got you covered. Starting with a whole wheat tortilla, the cafe layers options like tofu chorizo, black beans, mushrooms, spinach, and sweet potatoes for a health-conscious take on the morning staple. These tacos may not be traditional, but they are certainly delicious.