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Popular neighborhood bar fills niche with new gourmet hot dog shop

Popular neighborhood bar fills niche with new gourmet hot dog shop

The Dogfather SA hot dogs
The Dogfather is now serving a variety of gourmet hot dogs near the Bang Bang Bar. Courtesy of The Dogfather/ Facebook

Some point to pizza, some point to burgers, and those with a complicated relationship with their gastrointestinal tract even point to Cincinnati chili, but we have long believed hot dogs to be the perfect late-night meal.

Hot dogs have everything you need after a night of drinking — carbs to absorb that last gin and tonic, protein to make sure your late-night meal isn’t followed by a later night fridge raid, and flavors bright enough to cut through the fog.

Luckily, we are not the only ones who have discovered this pairing. Bang Bang Bar owners Jamie Hoppe and Jenn Alva have taken over the old Roy’s Taco Hut location at the corner of San Pedro Avenue and El Mio Drive to open The Dogfather, a restaurant serving loaded dogs that are leaps above fast-food Coneys.

The menu is the work of chef Kris Martinez, who has brought many of his creations from the sorely missed food truck RocketDogz to the new operation.

Highlights include the Thai Kickboxer with sweet chili glaze, red cabbage slaw, carrots, cilantro, mint, cucumber, jalapeños, and sesame lime vinaigrette; the Elote with roasted corn, smoked queso, chili sal lemon, crumbled Takis, mayo, and lime; and the Hitman with beef bolognese, crushed red pepper, melted mozzarella, Parmesan, and fresh herbs — all served with an all-beef frank on a lobster roll-style bun.

Hoppe and Alva say they will eventually expand hours into late nights, and allow ordering through the bar. Until then, we will content ourselves knowing the Wake ’N Bake (a beef hot dog topped with fried egg and bacon in a glazed doughnut bun) will soon be available when we need it the most.