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Escape to 7 cool San Antonio bars open on Thanksgiving night

Escape to 7 cool San Antonio bars open on Thanksgiving night

George's Keep cocktail SA
Have an old fashioned Thanksgiving at George's Keep. Courtesy of George's Keep/ Facebook

It happens somewhere between when the tryptophan wears off and your theatrical cousin starts breaking into an off-key rendition of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.” You really start needing a drink. You get restless. You get itchy. You rummage through the cabinets, briefly considering cracking open your mom’s prized Barefoot Bubbly before hearing your phone start to buzz. You are reminded that bars all over San Antonio are open on Thanksgiving, and salvation — and a shot of Wild Turkey — is only a short ride away. God rest ye, indeed.

The Bang Bang Bar
With velvet couches and kitschy decor, Bang Bang feels a little like your auntie’s living room. But we bet she’s never partied like this. Escape the post-Thanksgiving dinner doldrums this year with a lively crowd, retro arcade games, and lots of cheap and creative drinks.

Bottom Bracket Social Club
Need an antidote to an evening spent listening to your uncle’s conspiracy theories? Spend the night at Broken Bracket’s Thanksgiving Throwdown, featuring hip-hop acts Tactics, SpyMC, and Grimy Kidz. Did we mention all the $2 deals — wells, Lone Stars, and cover?

The Friendly Spot
San Antonio’s balmy weather is usually not something we are thankful for, but when it means we can get a beer (there’s 300 bottles and cans and 76 taps to choose from) on the patio of this casual Southtown bar, we make an exception.

George’s Keep
You already got dressed up for the holiday meal; you might as well take advantage of the situation for your Instagram feed. Feel your swankiest at Steve Mahoney's elegant bar in the Eilan hotel, where the only things that looks better than you are the cocktails.

Mi Tierra
Few Tex-Mex restaurants keep their doors open for Thanksgiving Day, but luckily, San Antonio has Mi Tierra and the Zapata margs 365 days of the year. While you are at it, grab some pan dulce from the bakery. You’ll need it for your hangover brunch.

If your Thanksgiving meal was more Chef Boyardee than Barefoot Contessa, put a little class into your life with Hotel Emma's house bar. The atmosphere makes every guest feel special, while cocktails like So Fancy — a blend of pineapple rum, rye, palm sugar, tiki bitters, and lime oil — will put you right back in the holiday spirit. 

The cocktails at this St. Mary's mainstay are classics — well-executed versions of daiquiris, old fashioneds, and Sazeracs — but the neighborhood bar is anything but stuffy. That’s especially important on Turkey Day, when you want to be out on the town but you can’t bear to wear anything but pajama pants.