Kiddie meals

These 6 nostalgic San Antonio treats will make you feel like a kid again

6 nostalgic San Antonio treats to make you feel like a kid again

Steel City Pops
These dipped frozen treats from Steel City Pops instantly take us back to our childhood. Photo courtesy of Steel City Pops/ Facebook

Every so often adults get a little fussy. Who can blame them? Dealing with mortgages, open enrollment, and the jerk from IT can make the best of us want to throw a temper tantrum. Sometimes the only thing that can soothe the nerves is to eat like a kid.

Luckily, San Antonio restaurants are right there with us — serving nostalgic favorites that instantly ease the pressures of the day. And since it’s unseemly for you to carry a binky, this is the next best thing.

The Esquire Tavern
It’s as true now as it was back then. Propping the kids in front of cartoons with a fried bologna sandwich is a foolproof way to buy some "me time." But instead of hiding in the kitchen, hire a sitter and head on down to The Esquire for a fried bologna sandwich all to yourself. Their rendition stuffs two thick cuts of housemade sausage with pickles, aioli, and gooey American cheese into a sweet bun for a heftier take of the childhood classic. We assure you, this sandwich isn’t kidding around.

The Good Kind
Think about it, have you ever been in a bad mood after eating mac ’n’ cheese? From boo-boos to breakups, it’s a cure-all for everything life throws your way. Now that we have graduated from booties to Blahniks, the orange powdered stuff just won’t do. That’s why we keep gravitating to Good Kind’s dish made with gluten-free whole grain pasta and a luxurious blend of Cheddar and Parmesan. It has all of the healing power with no chemical dust.

Chef Jason Dady has always known how to put a smile on our face, but he’s outdone himself at his latest restaurant. Each check arrives at the table with a plate overflowing with blue cotton candy. It’s a little touch of whimsy and charm, making the chophouse meal even more memorable. Well played, chef.

The Rustic
We all remember being shooed out of the kitchen when we tried to sneak a vanilla wafer as Grandma magically turned eggs, sugar, and milk into a banana pudding. While we may have trouble convincing you that any version is better than hers, The Rustic’s rendition is a close second. Vanilla cookies, salted caramel sauce, and whipped cream combine to make this a decadent yet nostalgic dish. Everything about it feels like home.

Steel City Pops
When we were kids, the surest way to bribe us into doing our chores was with the promise of a frozen pop. Steel City Pops takes the humble popsicle to a whole other level. The huge selection of treats come in more colors than a Lisa Frank notebook, with flavors ranging from the simple (strawberry lemonade, chocolate) to the sublime (Bosc pear with honey, champagne white tea).  Stop by soon for November's Pop of the Month: S'Mores which is a toasted marshmallow pop dipped in milk chocolate and dredged in gluten-free graham cracker crumbs.

Tenko Ramen
If you think ramen is just ramen, guess again! Tenko’s noodles have nothing to do with the over-salted cups you used to make in your dorm room. Instead, this anchor of the Bottling Department food hall dips the familiar noodles in a richly-scented broth then tops them with everything from wood ear mushrooms to slices of pork chashu. But don’t worry. Even though the ingredients are tons more sophisticated, this ramen is still a heck of a lot of fun to slurp.