Boo-ger King

Burger King unleashes spooky Ghost Whopper at one San Antonio store

Burger King unleashes spooky Ghost Whopper at one San Antonio store

Ghost Whopper Burger King
San Antonio's scariest sandwich is available for a limited time. Courtesy photo

A spooky Halloween treat has just arrived in Alamo City. Burger King has selected San Antonio as one of only 10 cities to debut its Ghost Whopper, a limited-edition, Halloween-themed burger launching Thursday, October 24.

The store on 822 Evans Rd., Ste. 107, will be the only place in the city — and in Texas — to get your hands on the supernatural sandwich, according to a release. 

What makes the Ghost Whopper otherworldly? It all comes down to the cheddar cheese-flavored bun, which the company describes as “spectral white.” Otherwise, the burger is much like a regular Whopper, complete with flame-grilled beef, freshly cut tomatoes, and onion. 

Burger King worked with famous psychic medium Riz Mizra to introduce the Ghost Whopper, staging a seance and taste-test at Los Angeles’ Alexandria Hotel. Reviews ranged from “beyond belief” to “it’s filth.” 

The company did not divulge how it chose the lucky cities, but San Antonio's rich folklore might play a part. The other chosen cities, including New Orleans, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, share long histories of paranormal happenings.

The Ghost Whopper promotion will last until supplies run out, and locals are advised to visit the store on or before October 31. Word is that La Llorona has already ordered more than a dozen.