California churro shop sweetens San Antonio with first Texas location

California churro shop sweetens San Antonio with first Texas location

Churroholic ice cream sandwich
Churroholic's churros are even better with ice cream. Churroholic/ Facebook

This summer, San Antonio’s Southeast Side is getting a little bit sweeter. On August 20, California-based chain Churroholic opened a San Antonio outpost at 4138 S. New Braunfels Ave.

According to company president Sky Hoang, the team targeted Alamo City for its first Texas store because of its diversity. With a unique menu combining Asian and Spanish influences, and a friendly environment, the shops aim is to make anyone feel at home.

As the name implies, churros are a specialty for the casual shop, but don’t just expect the traditional cinnamon sugar variety. Churroholic spices the twisty favorite up with flavors like chocolate and coconut and matcha and Fruity Pebbles-like cereal. The treats are also available in sundaes and in ice cream sandwiches.

In addition to the pastries, each location also sells a variety of drinks ranging from horchata lattes and blended mocha frappes to Asian milk teas. Hoang says that San Antonio is unique in that it also offers the drink menu from Hiccups Tea House, a second chain under the company’s banner that specializes in boba drinks, flavored teas, and smoothies using everything from taro root to mango and chamoy.

The San Antonio location also uniquely offers Hiccups’ cross-cultural appetizer menu with dishes like popcorn chicken, crispy tofu bites, fried calamari, and wings seasoned with Cajun spices. French fries come in three flavors: plain, Cajun, and sriracha loaded with cubed filet mignon, onions, bell peppers, and mozzarella cheese.

Hoang says that the company has major expansion plans over the next 12 months including in Dallas and Houston and melting pot states like Arizona and Florida. And the chain will be making a further investment in San Antonio with locations of both Churroholic and Hiccups to be announced in the months to come.