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Acclaimed San Antonio seafood spot boils up special pop-up for summer

Acclaimed San Antonio seafood spot boils up special pop-up for summer

Kuya's Filipino Kitchen Pop-up SA
Kuya's Filipino Kitchen starts serving on Monday, August 12. Pinch Boil House/Instagram

A new four-week pop-up will soon bring one of the world’s most diverse cuisines to San Antonio. A rep for acclaimed downtown eatery Pinch Boil House tells CultureMap that Kuya’s Filipino Kitchen will take residence in the downtown space starting Monday, August 12.

The pop-up is the work of Pinch chef de cuisine Dominique “Dom” Boheman, who will be sharing some of his native country’s most iconic dishes. Each week will highlight two or three dishes, so there will always be something new to try.

Although there are a few spots, like Susie’s Lumpia House, Laguna Cafe, and Lily’s Philippine Bakery and Restaurant, that serve Filipino fare, it is relatively uncommon in the Alamo City. Incorporating Indian, Spanish, American, Chinese, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisine with the traditions of more than 100 indigenous groups, it originated Asian fusion long before the word was coined.

Boheman’s menu will offer both sweet and savory treats. Desserts include a mango coconut fried pie with coconut caramel sauce; calamansi pie (a Filipino treat similar to key lime pie); and halo halo made with sweet beans, coconut sorbet, and ube (purple yam) ice cream.

The savory dishes include lechon kawali (pork belly, pickled vegetables, and baby bok choy served with garlic fried rice); lumpia (a Filipino egg roll with pork and beef); classic chicken adobo; and a burger made with ground pork and red beet juice served on sweet bread.

Kuya’s Filipino Kitchen is part of Pinch’s continuing series exploring the richness of Asian cuisine. In July, staffer Keopraseut Sounraj staged Summer of Ahaan Lao, a dining series focused on Laotian flavors.

Fans who don’t want to miss out on any of the rotating dishes can follow Pinch on Instagram and Facebook. Kuya’s Filipino Kitchen runs through September 7. The full Pinch menu will still be available during its run.