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Ramen and sushi restaurant gets hero's welcome in North San Antonio

Ramen and sushi restaurant gets hero's welcome in North San Antonio

Hero's Sushi x Ramen San Antonio
Hero's is shooting for a July opening. Hero's Sushi x Ramen/ Facebook

A new Japanese spot is moving in to the former North San Antonio home of Habanero’s Grill at 13444 West Ave., Ste. 200. According to a release, Hero’s Ramen x Sushi will arrive later this summer.

Although the exact menu has yet to be revealed, the restaurant will focus on authentic preparations of both ramen and sushi, plus an assortment of sides. Hero’s will also feature a small retail section devoted to Japanese snacks.

Originally, the restaurant was intended to be a second location of Houston’s wildly popular Ramen Bar Ichi but eventually decided to give the San Antonio location an identity of its own. The name is a tribute to the heroes that make the restaurant work — the kitchen staff.

Heading the project is manager Hiroyuki Kawashima, who also helped open Ichi. A native of Kanawaza, Japan, he learned the restaurant industry in his hometown, Osaka, and Tokyo, before coming to the United States in 2008.

His experience in Japanese cooking techniques will translate to Hero’s. Strictly following tradition, the eatery will make ramen broth from scratch each day and soften all the water used for the rice and noodles — a process that reportedly improves the taste.

Tradition was important in the design of the restaurant too. The Habanero’s interior has been completely remodeled into a calm contemporary space. In place of the former’s funky mural, warm wood planks and dark paint wrap the dining room, creating intimate nooks. The restaurant's patio will also take full advantage of the shade from old-growth trees.

With construction currently underway, the owners expect to be able to debut by the middle of July. Stay tuned to Hero’s social media for further updates.