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Where to drink in San Antonio right now: 5 best bars for summer sips

Where to drink in San Antonio right now: 5 best bars for summer sips

The Brooklynite
Enjoy a little slice of paradise without leaving San Antonio. The Brooklynite/Facebook

Our latest roundup of cocktail hot spots is all about those beachy drinks that get you in the mood for summer. We humbly suggest you hit each hot spot — and then take a vacation immediately. 

This new basement bar below Smoke's downtown location is all things industrial and graffiti chic, but we were there to beach it up, and that meant ordering a strawberry daiquiri. It's basically a classic daiquiri with rum and lime juice, but barmaster Olaf Harmel kicks it up a bit with strawberry jam, which provides an intensified taste. He also pairs it with a watermelon shot that serves as an amazing complement. We will definitely be going back all summer long.

The Brooklynite
Of course The Brooklynite throws down an awesome summer cocktail. The grand master himself, Jeret Peña shared with us the how-to on this one. It's called The Divorce Cocktail, and it's made up of gin, lemon, saffron syrup, cucumber, and allspice dram — give it a shake over ice and pour. You don't have to be divorced to order one or make one at home. Although, if you are married, maybe call it something else. 

Rosario's Mexican Cafe y Cantina
Southtown's beautiful gem has many amazing beachy cocktails. We know you expect us to select a margarita of some type, but — surprise! — we want to talk about the amazing piña colada that you'll dream about drinking on the closest beach you can find. 

Shuck Shack
Shuck Shack's vibe is just beachy to begin with; there's always an "island" breeze. We love the Limonade, a lime paleta with Deep Eddy Lemon and Topo Chico. It's a Popsicle dipped in booze, and popsicles make everything better. May we have another?

Urban Taco
Urban Taco's drinks are beautiful and tasty, just like the guacamole. The paloma margarita, with fresh grapefruit and lime juice, wins for most beachy on the list. It's light and delicious, a perfect pairing for tacos and good company. 


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