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Where to drink right now: 5 hottest hotel bars in San Antonio

Where to drink right now: 5 hottest hotel bars in San Antonio

Ocho at Hotel Havana
Cuban influences keep the energy lively at Ocho's stunning glass conservatory. Ocho at Hotel Havana/Facebook
La Cantera Resort & Spa - Sire Bar
La Cantera's Sire Bar always has a fun lineup of cocktails. La Cantera Resort & Spa/Facebook
Sternewirth at Hotel Emma
Hotel Emma's Sternewirth has turned old brewing tanks into cozy lounges in its historical space. Sternewirth/Facebook
Ocho at Hotel Havana
La Cantera Resort & Spa - Sire Bar
Sternewirth at Hotel Emma

The city is bursting with character, charm, and sophisticated drinks no matter what part of town you live in. There are great watering holes available, and this month, we hit San Antonio's best hotel bars that aren't just for destination travelers. You can find savvy slices of local greatness in each and every one. And, the best news ever, you can stay the night if you imbibe too long.

El Colegio at Omni La Mansión del Rio
A little refresher goes a long way in this revamped speakeasy joint inside La Mansión del Rio. The bar opened in 1968 and is the original dean's office of St. Mary's School of Law, so it is rich in history and memorabilia. In this swanky little spot, try the amazing añejo honey margarita or the out-of-this-world Mexican Firing Squad cocktail.

Ocho at Hotel Havana
Sip on a Hemingway Daiquiri or pull on a Santiago Painkiller at this glass conservatory on the river. Cuban influences keep the energy lively with bright colors that complement the aesthetical brilliance of this little spot. Great happy hour parties are a must and the river views don't hurt either.

Sire Bar at La Cantera Resort & Spa
Dark with rich interiors, this bar is all about the delicious details. Oversized everything makes it lavish and comfortable at the same time. Elevated bites are a plus, but the winner here is the list of chef-driven cocktails that infuse shrubs and are served over-the-top cold. Just the way we like it. The wine list is good too. Try the Blind Tiger before you wander around this beautiful space.

Sternewirth at Hotel Emma
We know, so many accolades for this place. But trust us, you need to stop in. Historical references reign supreme at this well-articulated hotel bar. And hey, the drinks are great too. We can't stay away from The Three Emmas, but a recent visit gave us La Babia Margarita, which we highly recommend. You should also grab those peanuts, a spicy nosh that is so simple yet divine.

Vbar at Hotel Valencia
Pass through the metal beads of exclusivity into Martini Monday where $5 martinis will wash your day away in a stylish and luxurious space. Half-price menu items make the beginning of the week feel like a holiday. All things should be celebrated here, martini in hand. 


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