Apps that Deliver

These are the best delivery services for San Antonio foodies

These are the best delivery services for San Antonio foodies

Favor app phone
These apps give a whole new meaning to "ordering in." Photo courtesy of Favor

With so many apps and websites that cater to foodies, if you can dream it up, you can have it delivered. For the days when you're short on time or the couch is just too damn comfy, we've rounded up the top services operating in San Antonio that really deliver.

We also put the apps to the test — here's what we found. Before you take a look at the list, a few things to note:

  • Each app charges a fee and/or tip on top of your order.
  • Some services require a minimum amount.
  • Every order showed up at the correct temperature, which was a welcome surprise.

This Austin-based delivery service will literally do you a favor. They have a spotlight feature that highlights deals of the day or weekend, as well as a tab to show you different kinds of cuisine all over town. The app is simple: Tap an item or type in what you're looking for and a Favor "runner" will contact you to make sure everything is done correctly.

GrubHub is another easy-to-use app. First, enter your ZIP code, and the service will automatically populate the delivery options closest to you. Then you can explore by cuisine, browse individual restaurant menus, choose what you would like to order, and submit. You can also save your home and office locations to make ordering quicker in the future.

We ordered a Slurpee from 7-11 and a steak from The Palm, proving that you can have anything you want delivered through Postmates. The service even has its own Postmates General Store where you can find non-food, but still essential, items like Benadryl and BodyWash.

Uber Eats
We utilize Uber to take us all over town, so why not have them deliver some of your favorite foods straight to your door? Order from over 100 local restaurant menus, some of which are exclusive. Side note: The app is gorgeous and features fresh photography.

Zula Food
Formerly known as Bike Waiter, Zula Food is categorized from the get-go. You can filter by types of cuisine, new restaurants, even catering services. The app is fast and easy, and the delivery fee, minimum order, and wait times are all laid out before you place an order.