Anti-Valentine Get Down

5 San Antonio spots for an anti-Valentine's Day celebration

5 San Antonio spots for an anti-Valentine's Day celebration

Anti-Valentine's Day
Skip the romance and go straight to the food this Valentine's Day. Photo courtesy of

You don't need a date on February 14. We've rounded up where to go with your friends to celebrate anti-Valentine's Day. Social spots are key, and you might as well go all-in on the food you would never take a chance on when you're on a date (at least in the early stages of a budding romance). So grab a greasy plate, eat all the cake, and chow down on chocolates — we won't judge.

Pizza from Big Lou's Pizza 
Gorging on pizza is a rite of passage for the anti-Valentine's Day movement. Tie on a paper napkin, drink your favorite craft beer, and get the 42-inch pie from Big Lou's, your only choice for a pie that size. Go big and then go home to binge-watch Game of Thrones.

All you can eat at Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse
We won't call it a buffet, but Chama Gaúcha will deliver all the meat your heart desires. Nobody cares how many times you flag down the server to load up. So eat up, buttercup, and order dessert while you're at it.

Dessert from Lily's Cookies
In need of some Valentine's Day therapy? Go to Lily's Cookies and buy anything that resembles a heart. Then gather your friends and open that bottle of expensive wine you've been saving. Stab the cookies to death if you want, just make sure you eat every last crumb and drain that bottle while discussing how Cupid is an elitist.

Garlic and onions at Rossini Italian Bistro
Eating old-school Italian spaghetti full of these veggies can be awkward on a date, so, on anti-Valentine's Day, got to a spot like Rossini Italian Bistro. Eat all the bread, soak up the dipping sauces, order extra, and skip the salad.

Ribs from Smoke Shack
We know ribs are a messy ordeal, but it just doesn't matter when you're out with your friends. Smoke Shack will deliver on the smoky goodness, just show up dressed in black and throw down on those fatty, delicious ribs.