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5 in-person and virtual camps to keep San Antonio kids occupied this summer

5 camps to keep San Antonio kids occupied this summer

Two little girls playing with blocks
The Andy Roddick Foundation wants to help kids to "explore the world" from home this summer. Photo courtesy of Andy Roddick Foundation

Some people are comfortable returning to semi-normal daily life in San Antonio while others prefer to continue staying home, but there is one thing everyone can agree on: the kids need to be entertained by someone else this summer.

So we've rounded up the available summer camps — both virtual and in-person — so parents and caregivers can get a much-deserved break now that school's out.

In-person options

Carver Community Cultural Center
While the theater camp has been canceled, the summer dance intensive (beginning July 13) and both DJ camps (running in July and August) are still on. More information on all three is available here.

YMCA of San Antonio
Several locations of the Y opened in mid-May and the beginning of June, and with that came 13 summer day camps, which keep kids up to age 13 entertained and active. You can find ongoing updates about the YMCA's summer camps here.

Online options

Andy Roddick Foundation
This eight-week virtual program is free and offers hands-on learning activities for students in kindergarten through fifth grade around an "Explore Your World" theme. Over the summer, students will explore space, earth, world travel, cultures and language, oceans, jungles, deserts, and animals through engaging videos and lesson plans. Designed by elementary school teachers, all activities are aligned to the Texas Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards. ARF Summer at Home begins June 8 and continues through July 31, and you can register here.

Camp Gladiator CG Victory
The wildly popular workout has a nonprofit arm that plans to open its in-person day and overnight camps in Texas starting in July, but before that happens the organizers decided to create CG Victory: Game Time as a June option for kids entering the third through eight grade nationwide. For $49 a week per family (a rate that does not increase per child), kids get a daily 90-minute session from Monday-Friday. Because it is live, campers will know their counselors and fellow campers and will have personal connections and relationships rather than just watching a video. More info and registration can be found here.

The Magik Theatre
Camp Showbiz is an "e-cademy" for ages 3-17, where every week students will engage in four types of learning: class meeting and warm ups, one-on-one coaching with a teaching artist, audio-visual tutorials, and provided off-screen activities. All classes will be held online using a combination of Canvas and Zoom, with a final showcase being held over Zoom for friends and family to virtually attend. There are four sessions that run in total from June 1-July 24, and you can register here.