Alamo CIty Pride

The 13 things that make every San Antonian proud

The 13 things that make every San Antonian proud

The Alamo, mission, San Antonio, November 2012
There's a lot to love about the Alamo City. Photo by Paco Montoya

As any resident of San Antonio knows, other famous Texas cities can, at times, overshadow us. Whether it's urban Dallas, sprawling Houston, or quirky Austin, out-of-state visitors and Texans alike sometimes forget about the Alamo City.

However, San Antonians are too proud to let this get us down. Indeed, we have enough pride to make the validation of others unnecessary. So without further ado, we have compiled a list of the top things that make every San Antonian proud.

The Spurs
No one from San Antonio will ever lose sight of the real home team: San Antonio loves the Spurs. Other cities might call it a borderline obsession, but they can come talk to us when they have won five championships in 15 years. With the ascension of the "Next Three," it's clear that our Spurs mania isn't fading away anytime soon.

We'll get to the food later, but it's safe to say most San Antonians appreciate a good (and strong) margarita. There's no shortage of great tequila confections here, and there is great variety too. Whether you are looking for a classy margarita with style at Bar 1919; the strong, sweet familiarity of one from Chacho’s or Rosario’s; or a dangerous “jackarita” from Beer N’ All, there's a margarita in this city for everyone.

Basically all cocktails
While San Antonio has a penchant for good margaritas, the imbibing doesn't stop there. We also have an amazing craft cocktail scene that continues to grow. There is a plethora of bars out there for residents to experiment with new spirits and liqueurs. Happy hour, anyone? The options are unending.

The River Walk
It's a tourist trap, which means the restaurants and shopping can be overpriced. Even so, the River Walk remains a quintessential part of the city. We may roll our eyes when a friend from out of the town asks to go, but we know we have to take them all the same because the River Walk encapsulates the charm and character of San Antonio so well. And we can't deny it looks beautiful.

The beloved Tejano songstress has been gone for over 20 years, but our love for her carries on. Although she was born in Corpus Christi, who can forget the opening moments of  “No Me Queda Mas” on the River Walk? Or that she opened her first clothing boutique here? With Selena’s Bridge, her mural on South Flores Street, and the fact that she launched her singing career here, as far as we are concerned, she will forever be a San Antonian. So yes, we will continue to be infuriated when others treat Selena Gomez as the most famous Selena out there.

Our huge MLK march
Few people know that San Antonio hosts not just the largest MLK march in Texas but the largest one in the country as well. At the march in 2016, it is estimated that over 300,000 people participated. The city also works tirelessly to host DreamWeek every year, 12 days of events to promote diversity, tolerance, and equality within the city. These efforts prove that the Alamo City cares about diversity for all.

The population is boomin’
The last census ranked San Antonio as the seventh largest city in the United States. The population has been steadily growing for a host of reasons: the affordable cost of living, the flourishing yet accessible arts and culinary scene, and the great diversity. Many San Antonians also love that the city retains a small-town feel in its various neighborhoods like Alamo Heights, Windcrest, Castle Hills, Pecan Valley, and the like. San Antonians embrace and welcome the new population growth, though many residents remain proud that they are puro San Antonio.

Military City USA
San Antonio is home to Fort Sam Houston, Lackland and Randolph Air Force bases, and the San Antonio Military Medical Center. Additionally, it has one of the largest active and retired military populations in the country. The city has a tremendous amount of support for the military and loves to give back to both its veterans and active members. At the end of October every year, the city holds Celebrate America’s Military Week.

First Friday
We don't just love it for the complimentary beer. First Friday is a crowded monthly event in Southtown that begins at the Blue Star Arts Complex and ends at South Alamo Street. This event is a wonderful showcase of the San Antonio art community as well as a bazaar for local artisan goods and art. With its makeshift art galleries, live music, and open bars and restaurants, First Friday is a true celebration of the arts. And, of course, party-minded people are encouraged to join in the First Friday Pub Run downtown, which takes place the same night.

Where to even begin? Has any other city so perfectly epitomized Tex-Mex cuisine? When you're looking for tacos in this city, you have to specify if you want puffy, breakfast, 24-hour, or classic barbacoa. Many residents consider Big Red a lifestyle, and tamales are a food choice for any occasion. You can find Tex-Mex fusion restaurants, higher-end eateries, food trucks, 24-hour taquerias, and street vendors — your options are seemingly endless. It's almost impossible to go amiss with Tex-Mex in this oasis of Tejano and Mexican culture.

For almost an entire month, the city takes part in this springtime festival that has been a tradition for over 100 hundred years. It is loud, it is colorful, it is crowded, and you will probably get a cascarón broken on your head. We couldn't go without mentioning a Night In Old San Antonio (NIOSA) too. It takes a pro to do it right, but we would partake in this event every year regardless.

Late March brings the wildflowers into full bloom in the Texas Hill Country. Many of our morning commutes become scenic tableaus of flowers. It can be a breathtaking sight that (almost) makes all the cedar pollen and accompanying allergies worth it.

The Alamo
Although the inside of the building can be a bit anticlimactic (it's a small open room with a few artifacts), the surrounding plaza and acreage is a beautiful sight to behold. Millions of people visit this monument every year, and it's a crucial piece of Texas history. We are called the Alamo City for a reason, so we had to close out this list with the most iconic structure in perhaps all of Texas.


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