Gumbo a Geaux

Buzzy Cajun restaurant chain announces second San Antonio location

Buzzy Cajun restaurant chain announces second San Antonio location

Lost Cajun etouffee
Lost Cajun menu includes classic dishes like etouffee. Photo courtesy of Lost Cajun

Gumbo is a geaux in Alamo City. The Lost Cajun, a family-friendly restaurant focused on Cajun food and hospitality, will expand to a second San Antonio location at 226 W. Bitters Rd. in March. 

Founded by Louisiana native Raymond "Griff" Griffin, The Lost Cajun serves traditional Cajun fare with a down-home atmosphere and Southern hospitality-style service.

The menu includes a variety of gumbos, from seafood to chicken and sausage to vegetarian. Yay, vegetarian gumbo. There's red beans and rice, crawfish etouffee, lobster bisque, and jambalaya. There are also beignets for dessert.

The "down-home" atmosphere has a hole-in-the-wall vibe, with wooden tables, unique decorations, and a playlist of Zydeco music. The chain features an open kitchen, a reference to the wooden counters in Louisiana's gumbo houses, so that diners can watch the food being cooked.

There's heavy emphasis on the courtesy and respect commonly associated with Cajun culture. Staffers are encouraged to say "please," "thank you," and "you're welcome." Patrons can hear this interaction: Server: "Order in, chef." "Thank you, chef." Servers address patrons using "sir" and "ma'am." So much polite.

The Lost Cajun was founded in 2010 and began franchising in 2013. The company's first shop in San Antonio opened this spring at 5602 W. Hausman Rd., Ste. 102.