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San Antonio drinks in ranking as cheapest happy hour spot in Texas, says study

San Antonio drinks in ranking as cheapest happy hour spot in Texas

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A toast to San Antonio's happy hour scene! iStock

Happy hours in San Antonio are practically as popular as area attractions like the River Walk and the Alamo. And according to one new ranking, there’s something else San Antonio sippers can be happy about: The city is the cheapest spot for happy hours in the Lone Star State. 

A new ranking from jewelry retailer Shane Co. (not sure of the connection between cocktails and carats) puts San Antonio at No. 8 among the best U.S. cities for happy hours. And among all 50 cities featured, San Antonio ranks as the lowest-cost place for happy hour ($26.80 for an evening of drinks consumed by one person).

Phoenix takes first place in the happy hour rankings, with San Diego at No. 2.

Three other Texas cities appear in the top 10: Dallas (No. 4), and Houston (No. 9), and Austin (No. 3), the top happy hour town in Texas, which real estate brokerage Redfin ranks seventh in a separate study for the number of #HappyHour Instagram posts per 100,000 and eighth for the overall volume of those posts. No other Texas cities show up among the top 20 U.S. cities.

To come up with its ranking, Shane Co. analyzed Yelp data from the 50 largest U.S. cities. It then judged each city based on happy hour expenses, number of happy hour spots, average number of happy hour reviews, average rating of happy hour spots, and number of “perfect” amenity-rich happy hour spots. 

“There’s something special about unwinding after a long day of work with a nice, cool drink out on the town,” Shane Co. gushes. “The bubbly atmosphere, as well as chatting with pals and sociable strangers that will soon become friends, are all things that make happy hour, well, happy!”