Sea change

One of San Antonio's best restaurants opening new seafood tostada concept

One of San Antonio's best restaurants opening new seafood concept

Carnitas Lonja San Antonio
Carnitas Lonja chef Alejandro Paredes is highlighting seafood tostadas in his next concept. Carnitas Lonja/ Facebook

Since Carnitas Lonja opened in 2017, it has attracted a kind of attention most restaurants can only dream of, becoming both a darling of local diners and attracting national press from tastemakers like Eater and Esquire magazine. Now, chef and owner Alejandro Paredes is wading into uncharted waters with a new seafood tostada concept.

Paredes tells CultureMap that he is gearing up to open Fish Lonja in early August. The concept will be located in a back building on the same lot as Carnitas Lonja at 1107 Roosevelt Ave., creating a mini complex of different experiences.

Like the former eatery, Fish Lonja will have a small, simple menu. Paredes says he only plans to offer three types of tostadas: fish, shrimp, and octopus.

As he did with his now-famous carnitas, Paredes has taken his time to make sure that the marinades and sauces used in the tostadas are up to his high standards.

“I’ve been working with recipes for two months,” he says, noting that a recent tasting at his home garnered rave reviews. “I think I’m ready."

Carnitas Lonja will continue to serve its current menu of tacos, quesadillas, and meat by the pound, but there is one major change on the way. Paredes tells CultureMap that he has applied for an alcoholic beverage permit and will soon be serving beer, wine, and micheladas at both concepts.