Best Meal Ever

San Antonio chefs dish on the best meals of their lives

San Antonio chefs dish on the best meals of their lives

Coi restaurant San Francisco
Chef John Brand absolutely loved his experience at Coi in San Francisco. Coi Restaurant/Facebook

We always want to know what the chefs eat. Are they eating burgers for dinner, or do they have some amazing culinary excursion that we need to replicate?

So, CultureMap asked five amazing San Antonio chefs the burning questions: What was the best meal you ever had?

David Gilbert of Kitchen Vagabond
"Som Tom Thai in Kata Noi (Phuket), Thailand," Gilbert says. "The dish, combined with the moment that I ate it, changed my entire outlook on food and life."

Robbie Nowlin of Boudro's and Zinc
"Eating at restaurant Daniel in New York City," says Nowlin. "Daniel [Boulud] came out and asked if he could cook for us — 13 courses, whole turbot carved tableside. Then we went and partied with him at a speakeasy. Time of my life."

Jason Dady of Shuck Shack, Tre Trattoria, and more
"El Bulli. Forty-plus courses," says Dady of the now-closed establishment. "[Chef] Ferran Adrià and Cuban cigars on the balcony to finish. Cannot and will not ever be topped. Period."

James Moore of TBA
"This is too tough to answer. It's either French Laundry, Eleven Madison Park, Gary Danko, Fifth Floor, Fleur de Lys, or 11 cheese enchiladas from Blanco Cafe."

John Brand of Hotel Emma
"Coi in San Francisco. It was just my wife, Amy, and I. Our 10-year wedding anniversary — a food-filled weekend with just the two of us. It was amazing."


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