Best Tacos in Town

San Antonio's top chefs reveal where to find the best tacos in town

San Antonio's top chefs reveal where to find the best tacos in town

Rosa's Tacos San Antonio
Chefs dish on San Antonio's top tacos. Rosa's Tacos To Go/Facebook

We're not even going to weigh in on the great breakfast taco controversy of 2016. What we will do, however, is tell you where to get some of the best tacos in San Antonio.

We're letting industry insiders lead the way by giving you their local favorites. The only ground rule? It couldn’t be their restaurant. We’re excited to try the ones we haven’t tasted yet, and we hope you do the same. Long live the breakfast taco.

Jeret Pena of Boulevardier Group:
Tink-A-Tako for papa con chorizo a la Mexicana with white cheese.

James Moore, chef/owner of TBA: 
Bean and cheese with orange salsa from the now-closed Cafe Salsita. After that, carnitas taco on corn from Taqueria Jalisco on McCullough Avenue.

Brian West, chef/owner of Smoke the Restaurant:
Chorizo and egg with a homemade tortilla from Amaya's Tacos and Bakery. 

Lorenzo Morales, chef of The Old Main Assoc.: 
Rosa’s Tacos on Nogalitos Street for sausage guisada.

Jason Dady, chef/owner of Jason Dady Restaurant Group: 
Los Barrios for bean and chorizo with pico de gallo. And Garibaldi on Northwest Military Highway — get the chilaquiles.

Miles Donnelly, owner of La Frite Belgian Bistro:
Mama’s Kitchen on Hildebrand Avenue for carne guisada.

John Brand, culinary director of Hotel Emma:
Thousand Oaks Cafe on Austin Highway. Chorizo and egg — it’s a two napkin breakfast.

Johnny Hernandez, chef/owner of La Gloria: 
Garcia’s on Fredericksburg Road for machacado and egg on a corn tortilla. And brisket with guacamole and pico de gallo on flour.

Pedro Cuellar, chef of Grayze:
Taurino’s Cafe for a classic potato, egg, and cheese.

Jeff White, executive chef of Boiler House: 
Molina’s for bean and cheese with picadillo.

Jeff Balfour, chef/owner of Southerleigh:
Regio Cafe on McCullough Avenue for bean and egg with green salsa.

Jesse Perez, executive chef of Central Market:
Thousand Oaks Cafe on Austin Highway — order the chorizo and egg a la Mexicana with cheese, served on a flour tortilla. 


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