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This trendy neighborhood has the most expensive rents in San Antonio

This trendy neighborhood has the most expensive rents in San Antonio

The Historic Pearl San Antonio
The Pearl has the highest average rent in San Antonio. The Historic Pearl/Facebook

If it's time to move, better get a handle on where in San Antonio is (somewhat) affordable to rent an apartment and where it is not. (Well, except for those in a specific tax bracket.)

Data from shows the average monthly rent for an apartment in the Lackland Terrace neighborhood is $617 as of May 14. That amount covers apartments of all sizes.

That's the lowest you'll find in San Antonio, followed by:

  • South Southwest, $684
  • Hot Wells (Southeast San Antonio), $685
  • Park Village (Northeast San Antonio) $715
  • South San Antonio, $746

At the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive neighborhood is the Pearl District, where average rent in mid-May was $2,283. That's the only San Antonio neighborhood with an average rent above $2,000 a month.

Other San Antonio neighborhoods with high rents are:

  • Museum Reach (downtown), $1,774
  • The Rim (Northwest San Antonio), $1,596
  • The Dominion (Northwest San Antonio), $1,545
  • King William (downtown), $1,543
  • Lone Star (downtown), $1,495

Only one neighborhood in Texas' four major metro areas lays claim to an average apartment rent above $3,000, and it’s in Austin. Apartments in the Northshore neighborhood, located in downtown Austin, stand at $3,156.

No neighborhoods in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio metro areas topped the $3,000 mark for average apartment rent in mid-May, says.

Rounding out the top five most expensive neighborhoods in which to rent in Austin are:

  • Market District (western section of downtown), $2,991
  • Rainey Street, $2,425
  • West End (just west of downtown), $2,273
  • The Triangle (Central Austin), $2,002

As for the biggest bargain for apartments in the Austin area, you’d need to look at the Uptown section of San Marcos. There, the average rent was $815 as of May 14, according to

Among the state’s other major metros, the most expensive neighborhood is Houston’s Market Square. There, the average rent in mid-May was $2,677, says.

Three other Houston neighborhoods notched average rents above $2,000:

  • Museum District, $2,656
  • Discovery Green, $2,331
  • University Place, $2,289

Meanwhile, the East Little York neighborhood in the Lake Houston area boasted the lowest average rent: $635. It’s preceded by:

  • Pecan Park (East End), $659
  • Hobby Airport area (Southeast Houston), $718
  • Golfcrest (Southeast Houston), $718
  • Westwood (Southwest Houston), $720
  • Braeburn (Southwest Houston), $728

Those looking for cheaper rents in Dallas-Fort Worth should search in South Dallas-Fair Park, where it's $741, followed by:

  • Lake Cliff, $748
  • South Boulevard-Park Row (Southeast Dallas), $785
  • Hunt County, $791
  • Highland Hills (Southeast Dallas), $800
  • Piedmont (Southeast Dallas), $808
  • Central Meadowbrook (East Fort Worth), $828

The Victory Park neighborhood (Uptown/Park Cities) tops the list for the highest average rent ($2,189). Only one other neighborhood (Uptown Dallas) had average rent above $2,000 as of mid-May. There, the average rent was $2,165.