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What can fit inside San Antonio's new skyscraper? 111 Alamos

What can fit inside San Antonio's new skyscraper? 111 Alamos

Downtown San Antonio
The new skyscraper is the first towering addition to San Antonio's skyline in over 25 years. Cristhian Rodriguez/Wikimedia Commons

Construction for a new skyscraper in downtown San Antonio is set to begin in late 2016. When complete, it will be the first towering addition to the Alamo City skyline since 1989.

The anticipated addition has San Antonians asking questions: What will it be named? What will it look like? How will it change the skyline?

In this spirit, LawnStarter asked a question of its own: What will fit inside it? The Austin-based lawn care startup broke down the 400,000-square-foot high-rise to illustrate just how big the skyscraper will be when complete.

The new tower could fit an average of 5.3 H-E-B grocery stores, 121 Whataburger restaurants, 125 Taco Cabanas, or 182 Starbucks inside of its walls. That's the equivalent of 114 Tower of the Americas observation decks, 111 Alamos, 2.5 Alamodome exhibit spaces, or 1.9 Tower of Life buildings.

You won't find a handful of Whatburgers inside the new tower, but you will find the new headquarters for Frost Bank. The San-Antonio based company will occupy more than half of the tower, which comes with a price tag of $142 million.

The current Frost Bank building on Houston Street will be purchased by the City of San Antonio and refurbished to house government employees. In turn, the old City of San Antonio offices and a few additional Frost Bank-owned properties will be developed into housing units.


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