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University of Texas dominates in new ranking of world's most innovative schools

University of Texas dominates rank of world's innovative institutions

2014 Gone to Texas rally UT Tower university of texas with Texas flag
The University of Texas System scooted up three spots from 2017. University of Texas at Austin/Facebook

It still remains to be seen how a school can be among the best in the world and yet the second best in Texas, but never matter. A new ranking from Reuters has placed the University of Texas System among the world's most innovative universities. 

According to an October 11 release, the Reuters Top 100: The World's Most Innovative Universities "identifies and ranks the educational institutions doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies and power new markets and industries." The UT System ranked No. 6 out of the 100 best in the world. The 2018 ranking is a jump up from its No. 9 spot in 2017.

In addition to the University of Texas at San Antonio, the system is comprised of seven other public universities across the state as well as six health institutions. Reuters notes that because of how the UT System reports on innovation, it assessed the entire enterprise rather than individual universities. 

As a whole, the UT System boasts an impressive number of accolades that helped it scoot up three spots. As Reuters notes, chief among these accolades is the National Science Foundation's $60 million grant to the Texas Advanced Computing Center at The University of Texas at Austin to build a supercomputer and the system's $2.7 billion in annual research expenditures. (Not to mention numerous Nobel Laureates among both faculty and alumni.)

Overall, the U.S. dominated the list, claiming 46 out of the 100 spots. Rounding out the top 10 for 2018 is Stanford University (1), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2), Harvard University (3), University of Pennsylvania (4), University of Washington (5), Belgium's KU Leuven (7), U.K.'s Imperial College London (8), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (9), and Vanderbilt University (10).

Oh, and all that second best in Texas stuff? It's worth noting that Rice University doesn't appear on the list.