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San Antonio burdened as most stressed-out city in Texas

San Antonio burdened as most stressed-out city in Texas

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San Antonio tweets reveal it's one stressed-out city.

In what may be a bit of a head-scratcher, San Antonio has been labeled the most stressed-out city in Texas.

Healthcare tech startup Babylon Health analyzed millions of tweets in the U.S. to find out where Twitter users are most likely to post words related to stress, frustration, and anxiety. San Antonio came out on top in Texas, with 11.62 percent of tweets fitting that description.

This ranking might come as a surprise to some Alamo City residents, given that San Antonio’s cost of living and traffic — two significant sources of stress — are consistently better compared with Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston.

However, it’s worth noting that San Antonio barely edged out Houston for the title of Texas' most stressed big city. Babylon Health’s data shows 11.6 percent of tweets from Houston were classified as “stressed.”

In fact, Houston ranked as the most stressed-out city in Texas in a 2018 study by personal finance website WalletHub. For the study, WalletHub measured 37 key metrics related to stress, including average hours worked per week, divorce rates, and suicide rates. Among 180 major U.S. cities, Houston clocked in at No. 21. San Antonio was far down the list, at No. 88.

In yet another assessment of America’s stressed-out cities — this one from career website Zippia — the Houston suburb of Pasadena took the No. 1 spot in Texas, ranking 44th nationally. Houston was at No. 54. Meanwhile, San Antonio failed to crack Zippia’s top 100. For its ranking, Zippia weighed factors like commute times, unemployment rates, and population density.

Looking for the least stressed-out big city in Texas? That honor, according to Babylon Health, goes to Arlington, where 9.07 percent of tweets fell into the “stressed” category.

Based on Babylon Health’s count of “stressed” tweets, here’s the full stress-o-meter for big cities in Texas’ four major metro areas:

  • San Antonio — 11.62 percent.
  • Houston — 11.6 percent.
  • Fort Worth — 11.15 percent.
  • Garland — 11.15 percent.
  • Irving — 10.79 percent.
  • Dallas — 10.29 percent.
  • Austin — 10.2 percent.
  • Plano — 9.86 percent.
  • Arlington — 9.07 percent.

Nationally, Babylon Health declared Hialeah, Florida, as the most stressed-out U.S. city, with 13.03 percent of tweets there classified as stressed. St. Paul, Minnesota, claimed the title of least stressed-out city, with 2.56 percent of tweets being characterized as stressed.