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New guide gives good shot at finding COVID-19 vaccination in San Antonio

New guide gives good shot at finding COVID-19 vaccine in San Antonio

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This new guide helps streamline vaccine sites and eligibility information in one place. Photo courtesy of CVS Health

Are you frustrated by the hoops you’re jumping through to get a COVID-19 vaccination? The GoodRx drug-price-comparison app has stepped in to help.

GoodRx just rolled out a guide so you can learn about the COVID-19 vaccine, track its availability, and set up a vaccination appointment in San Antonio or elsewhere in Texas.

“Vaccine information has been fragmented and availability unclear, so GoodRx has built the go-to destination for all Americans to track the vaccine rollout locally,” the company says in a statement.

GoodRx is collecting data from more than 15,000 vaccination sites and is monitoring the country’s 70,000 pharmacies as well as state-specific sites to update appointment availability. New information is added as it becomes available.

Among other things, the GoodRx guide tells you who’s eligible for vaccinations where you live, who’s next in line, and how you can make a vaccination appointment. You can even sign up to receive text messages that alert you when vaccination eligibility changes in your area.

This week in San Antonio, city and county officials announced the creation of a new service that will text users about COVID-19 vaccine availability in the area. Residents can text VACCINE to 55000 or in Spanish VACUNA to 55000 to opt in.

Throughout Texas, the recent winter storm, power outages, and water shortages hampered the ability to distribute COVID-19 vaccines. As of February 23, about 4.7 million doses of the vaccine had been administered in the state. Information about the Texas vaccination plan is available on the Department of State Health Services website.