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Mental health apps are so alluring, but once you’ve recorded your two-week streak and things are feeling a little more organized, it can be hard to keep going. It’s hard enough to keep up with journaling and a great bedtime routine, and many lovely self-help tools also lose their effectiveness when the novelty wears off.

A smart company might harness that novelty as its hook — and an easily distracted self-helper won’t fall off the wagon. Like many other companies in the mental health space, Speak As One will work on a subscription model, but this one won’t languish, unused on a credit card statement. The service, which plans to launch in Austin during SXSW in spring 2023, delivers boxes of tangible mental health tools, inspiration, games, and even sensory objects that act as a monthly nudge to try something new, and curiosity takes care of the rest.

A sample box included:

  • Stress balls with short inspirational phrases by MindPanda
  • An Emotional First Aid Kit containing advice for situations as they come up, like sleeplessness and feelings of inadequacy
  • Tiny colorful putties at different resistances by Flint Rehab
  • A notebook, and two books: Athlete Mental Health Playbook and 1000 Unique Questions About Me
  • Other small items

It’s more than packing and shipping out a few toys each month. The boxes are curated with help from a licensed therapist, who leaves a personal note along with tips on how to use the items inside and additional resources. There is one type of box right now that aims to “reduce anxiety, increase mindfulness, and promote peace and balance,” but for further customization (for $10 more), the team is working on boxes tailored to first responders, veterans, athletes, and people in “recovery.”

Speak As One emphasizes community stories in its branding outside the delivery box, and uses inspiration from “influencers” (less content creators and more so people who can embody a relatable story) to build the specialty boxes. The company’s YouTube channel shares dozens of interviews with founder Julie Korioth, a former board member for Austin’s SIMS Foundation, a well-respected mental health resource for members of the local music industry.

“With hundreds of millions of people struggling with mental health, and COVID making the issue much worse, society continues to ostracize those who openly discuss mental health issues,” said Korioth in a release. “I founded this company so we can change the way the world sees, discusses, and supports mental health. Our goal is to promote empathy, connectedness, acceptance, and thoughtfulness with an innovative toolkit that caters to specific needs."

In addition to offering a nudge, these boxes could make great care packages for a loved one who is feeling introspective or going through a significant life event. It is possible to buy gift boxes, if presentation is your thing, but it’d be just as easy to repackage a box that comes before the receiver ready to appreciate the items at home.

The cost of one box is manageable at $49.99 (especially considering the retail value of products included, which the sample box far exceed), but for many subscribers this adds up fast. Luckily, there is no pressure to continue a lengthy commitment — subscriptions last between one and six months, so users have plenty of time to reconsider and sit with the items that have already been delivered.

"The goal is to meet our audience at any phase of their mental health journey,” said Korioth. “We’re creating change and a global life-long support system for children and adults dealing with mental health challenges. We simultaneously highlight businesses, the tech community, athletes, and artists doing wonderful work in this space.”

The company plans to partner with corporations to connect with employees and provide boxes to individuals the company chooses, and will turn some content into session albums with sales proceeds dedicated to mental health research.

More information and links to preorder are available at speakasone.com.

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Is laser hair removal worth getting? The experts break it down.

Pros & Cons

Remember those shoes you got that you paid almost nothing for? At the time, they were such a steal. But, surprise! A few months later, they’re falling apart. By investing in a quality pair of shoes that cost more upfront, you won’t have to worry about them falling apart and paying more in the end to replace them.

It’s true: You get what you pay for! Laser hair removal is kind of like that. It’s an investment rather than an expense.

To learn more about this cost-effective way of banishing unwanted hair for good, we spoke to San Antonio's laser hair removal experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal, the nation’s largest laser hair removal provider. Read on to learn if laser hair removal is really worth it.

1. It saves you time
Hate shaving and waxing? We all do. No one enjoys spending that extra time in the shower shaving their legs and planning their shaving routine around wearing a swimsuit or shorts. The average person spends about 39 hours a year shaving. If you choose to wax, you have to make a salon appointment each month and take time out of your day for something that gives you temporary results.

With laser hair removal, you can get those hours back. That’s because laser hair removal produces permanent results when done properly. A laser pulse is delivered directly to the hair follicle, targeting the pigment in the hair. The heat from the laser destroys the follicle, and that hair can never grow again — ever. The average Milan Laser client is 95-plus percent hair-free in their treated areas within seven to 10 treatments. Permanent results mean never wasting time on outdated hair removal methods again.

2. It saves you money
In addition to wasting time on shaving and waxing, you’re also wasting money. Some may not think of laser hair removal as being cost-effective, but it is. About $3,800 is spent over a lifetime on shaving essentials. For waxing appointments at salons, you’re looking at $24,000 over a lifetime. The money spent on waxing appointments, replacing razors, or buying shaving cream becomes cyclical and costs more in the end. Laser hair removal is an investment, rather than an expense.

To get the best value for your money, take advantage of places that offer payment plans. For instance, Milan Laser offers everyone affordable laser hair removal payment plans.

And because our bodies are unpredictable, new follicles can become active, and new hair can grow due to hormone changes, age, and genetics. This is where touch-up fees come into play. To guarantee lifetime results, some places offer unlimited laser hair removal packages, like Milan Laser. If you choose one of these laser hair removal providers, you’ll never have to worry about touch-up fees or other surprise costs.

3. It’s more comfortable than you think
It’s easy to understand why some think a laser coming into contact with your skin is painful. But think about how painful waxing is, and when you accidentally nick yourself shaving? Ouch!

Most people say laser hair removal feels like the sting of a rubber band snapping against the skin, but only for a millisecond — the time it takes for the laser to zap your hair. Many lasers, such as the Candela GentleMax Pro used at Milan Laser, have built-in comfort features. Some less sophisticated, outdated lasers use numbing creams, messy gels, or chilled air that’s blown on the treatment area. On the other hand, the Candela uses a cooling cryogen mist released immediately after each laser pulse to reduce any potential discomfort and provide you with the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments.

4. It’s easy
Because laser hair removal is becoming more mainstream, it’s easier than ever to find laser hair removal providers. For the best results and experience, you’ll want to use a provider with medical oversight that has highly trained medical professionals operating the lasers such as Milan Laser.

If you choose a provider who specializes in laser hair removal, like Milan Laser, you’re likely to enjoy quick, easy treatments. These treatments can usually be done over a lunch break, on weekends, or after work to fit your busy schedule.

Best of all, there’s no downtime with laser hair removal treatments, unlike painful waxing appointments — you’re in and out and can go on with the rest of your day!

5. It’s for everyone
Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal is not just for a certain age, gender, or skin tone. Men have unwanted hair too, and men’s laser hair removal is becoming more common. The most popular body areas where men get laser hair removal are their backs, face, chest, and shoulders, just to name a few.

Laser hair removal also works for all skin tones when performed correctly. However, not all places that offer laser hair removal services can safely treat every skin tone, so do your research and find a laser hair removal provider with the proper technologies to treat the entire skin tone spectrum.

For instance, Milan Laser’s Candela GentleMax Pro includes two lasers: the Nd: YAG for darker skin and the Alexandrite for lighter skin tones. Because of this, places like Milan Laser can create a customized treatment plan for each client’s exact hair color and skin tone.

Ready to never shave again and make more time to do what you want to do? Give Milan Laser a call at 833-NO-RAZOR or go in for a free consultation. Visit a local laser hair removal expert at any of Milan Laser’s San Antonio locations conveniently located in San Antonio, San Antonio West, and Selma.

Learn more about laser hair removal in San Antonio.

Photo courtesy of Milan Laser Hair Removal

The process is for all skin types.

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Medical cannabis is legal in Texas — here's everything you need to know.

The Basics

For thousands of Texans, medical cannabis offers a life-changing solution for alleviating many symptoms associated with medical conditions. Medical cannabis is already legal in Texas for over 150 conditions. In fact, Houston’s first permanent medical cannabis pickup location opened this year.

But how does the program work, what are the current laws, and who qualifies for medical cannabis? Here, we’ll break down the basics of hemp products and medical cannabis in Texas.

In 2015, Texas passed the Compassionate Use Act. This law allowed for the first legal use of medical cannabis in the state for patients living with intractable epilepsy.

The bill also established the Compassionate Use Program, the state’s official medical cannabis program. Since 2015, the program has expanded twice, allowing for more than 150 conditions to qualify for medical cannabis.

When the Compassionate Use Program expanded in 2021, the THC percentage for the final weight of products increased from 0.5% to 1%. This means that a 1-gram gummy may contain up to 10 milligrams of THC, a 2-gram gummy may contain up to 20 milligrams of THC, and so on.

However, there is no limit to the amount of milligrams a physician may prescribe. It is still a crime to possess cannabis (over 0.3% THC by weight) not prescribed by a registered doctor for an approved condition in the state of Texas.

How do you get a prescription?
Unlike other states, Texas does not use medical cards. Instead, qualifying physicians write prescriptions that are uploaded to an online registry operated by the Department of Public Safety called the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT). The registry is accessible across the state to law enforcement agencies and dispensing organizations to verify patient prescriptions.

Qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Texas include:

Ready to get a prescription? Click here and fill out the form to be connected with a doctor who is registered to prescribe medical cannabis.

So what’s the difference between over-the-counter hemp products and medical cannabis?
In 2018, the Farm Bill was signed into law, removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. Hemp is defined as having 0.3% THC, however, the Farm Bill only limits Delta 9 THC, unintentionally creating a loophole for an unregulated market. This loophole in the bill led to an increased interest in the hemp-derived cannabinoid market, especially in states where higher amounts of cannabis-derived Delta 9 THC products remain restricted.

Synthesized hemp-derived Delta 8, 9, and 10 THC products may pose risks for consumers due to harmful solvents and chemicals being added without adequate testing or regulation. Additionally, over-the-counter hemp products may vary in potency due to a lack of regulation, mislabeling, and inconsistent processing methods.

What makes a product “medical grade”?
Medical cannabis products are regulated under the Texas Compassionate Use Program and must follow stringent quality measures. Any product produced by a licensed medical cannabis dispensary must meet extensive in-house testing requirements to ensure the medicine does not contain contaminants and meets the state's potency requirements. Additionally, medical cannabis products should be formulated based on research and patient trials to optimize symptom relief.

What to look for in a medical cannabis dispensary
Medical cannabis dispensaries licensed in the state of Texas must abide by state regulations and ensure all products are made in-house through a vertical integration model.

A medical cannabis dispensary should:

  • Provide a thorough Certificate of Analysis (CoA) that is available online or attached to the medicine package.
  • Make medical-grade products with a rigorous quality process and provide transparency into how they are made, including making product ingredients and testing results easily accessible to the public.
  • Abide by state regulations and ensure all products are made in-house through a vertical integration model.
  • Utilize patient trials, testing research to determine the formulation of medical-grade products to ensure they are optimized to appropriately treat a variety of medical conditions and symptoms.

With the medical cannabis industry only continuing to grow, Texas Original is leading the state with pioneering expansions and new product launches, including opening Houston’s first permanent medical cannabis pickup location, debuting the state’s first fast-acting CBN gummy, and adding a fourth temporary pickup location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

If you or a loved one are ready to start your journey with medical cannabis, reach out to Texas Original to get started. Plus, enjoy a 20 percent discount on your first order at Texas Original.

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What the federal rescheduling of marijuana means for medical cannabis in Texas

Get the Facts

On October 6, President Biden pardoned thousands of Americans federally convicted of marijuana possession and asked the Secretary of Health and Human Services and Attorney General to review how cannabis is scheduled under federal law. Cannabis is currently classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, and under the strictest schedule, is not considered to have medical value.

However, this classification contrasts with the increasing support for cannabis as a medicine, as medical research and patient success stories continue to grow. In Texas, recent polls have revealed overwhelming bipartisan support for medical cannabis. In particular, a recent poll by Baselice & Associates, Inc. found that 72 percent of Republican primary voters in Texas favored allowing physicians to prescribe medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids for treating chronic pain.

The rescheduling of marijuana would have a far-reaching impact on cannabis as a medicine, including in Texas, where medical cannabis is legal for over 100 medical conditions.

So how does this impact cannabis in Texas? Here’s what you need to know.

What would change?
Moving cannabis to a lower schedule would make it easier to research its medical uses, enabling more clinical trials and studies of its medical benefits. Additionally, a lower schedule classification would be the first step to additional reforms that would lift some of the financial restrictions and regulatory burdens that currently prevent cannabis providers from utilizing banking services, insurance, loans and more.

Is cannabis legal in Texas?
Possession of cannabis remains illegal in Texas, however the state does have a medical cannabis program that allows patients living with qualifying medical conditions to use the medicine.

The Compassionate Use Program, which is overseen by the Department of Public Safety, allows licensed dispensaries to provide medical cannabis to patients with qualifying conditions. Of the three licensed companies in the state, Texas Original is the only dispensary that is Texas-owned and operated. Medical cannabis products must not be ignitable, so the medicine is offered in products like gummies, lozenges, and tinctures.

Photo courtesy of Texas Original

The rescheduling of marijuana would have a far-reaching impact on cannabis as a medicine,

To qualify for medical cannabis, a patient must:

  • Be a Texas resident
  • Have an approved condition
  • Receive a prescription from a registered doctor

Under the current Texas law, the approved conditions for medical cannabis include:

  • Peripheral neuropathy (nerve pain)
  • Spasticity (muscle spasms)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
  • ALS
  • MS
  • Cancer
  • And over 100 more conditions

Click here to see a full list of qualifying conditions in Texas.

How do I get medical cannabis in Texas?
Unlike other states, Texas does not use medical cards. Instead, the doctor will upload a digital prescription to the state’s secure online registry, where it can be accessed by licensed dispensaries. Getting a prescription can be completed in just a few steps.

First, schedule an appointment with a doctor who is registered to prescribe medical cannabis. Fill out the form on Texas Original’s website to be connected to a prescriber.

During the appointment, the doctor will review your medical records and confirm if you are eligible for medical cannabis, then discuss your treatment plan.

Once approved, your doctor will add your prescription to the online medical cannabis registry. After your appointment, call 512-614-0343 to place your first order. A medical cannabis expert will help you select your products, then schedule you for a pickup at a location nearest to you or delivery.

If you or a loved one are ready to start your journey with medical cannabis, reach out to Texas Original to get started. Plus, enjoy a 20 percent discount on your first order at Texas Original.

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How to get relief with medical cannabis in Texas

Steps to a Script

Medical cannabis is available to Texans living with PTSD, nerve pain, muscle spasms, and over 100 other conditions. As an all-natural treatment, medical cannabis has already helped thousands of Texans find relief for a wide range of symptoms.

Here’s what you need to know about the state’s medical cannabis program, getting a prescription, receiving the medicine, and more.

Legal medical cannabis in Texas
In 2015, Texas passed the Compassionate Use Act. This law allowed for the first legal use of medical cannabis in the state for patients living with intractable epilepsy.

It also established the Compassionate Use Program, the state’s official medical cannabis program. The program has since expanded twice, allowing for over 100 more conditions to qualify for medical cannabis and increasing the THC cap for medicinal products.

Qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Texas include:

  • PTSD
  • Muscle spasms
  • Nerve pain
  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy
  • Alzheimer’s and other dementias
  • ALS
  • Parkinson’s
  • And over 100 more conditions

How to receive a medical cannabis prescription
To get a medical cannabis prescription, you must be a Texas resident with a qualifying condition. Texas Original, the state’s leading medical cannabis provider, makes this process easy.

Schedule your appointment
To set your appointment, visit Texas Original’s website and fill out the form. Texas Original will connect you with a trusted virtual clinic to see if medical cannabis is right for you.

Next, the doctor will review your medical records and confirm if you are eligible for medical cannabis, then discuss your treatment plan. Once approved, your doctor will add your prescription to the online medical cannabis registry where it can be accessed by licensed dispensaries.

Place your order
After your appointment, call 512-614-0343 to place your first order. Texas Original offers the state’s leading medical-grade cannabis products, including Texas’ first fast-acting medical cannabis gummies designed specifically to alleviate sleep-related issues.

All products undergo rigorous testing and the results are published publicly on Texas Original’s website for patients to access anytime.

Pick up your prescription
Texas Original offers a robust medical cannabis distribution network and serves patients in all four corners of the state.

Patients can receive their medicine by picking up from one of their many pickup locations across Texas. When you call to fill your prescription, a medical cannabis expert will help you select your pickup location and time.

Making the highest quality medical cannabis a Texas tradition
Texas Original will celebrate five years of serving the state in October, making it the longest-running and only Texas-owned medical cannabis provider in the Texas market.

Photo courtesy of Texas Original

All products undergo rigorous testing.

If you or a loved one are ready to start your journey with medical cannabis, just reach out to Texas Original to get started. Plus, enjoy a 20 percent discount on your first order at Texas Original.

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ABODE's mission is to offer compassionate interfaith and spiritual care in a contemplative community so those who are dying leave this world with dignity and grace.


Volunteers are the heartbeat of ABODE. Working three- or four-hour shifts once or several times a week, volunteers prepare meals; clean, organize, and wash guests' clothes; participate in rituals; help with scrapbooks; sing and read to guests; answer the phone; help in the yard; help with special events; and more. If you're interested in volunteering, call 210-967-9891 to schedule an interview.


ABODE host its Luminarias at ABODE event every winter. Attendees will will the ABODE grounds with candles to honor the memory of loved ones. The event is a fundraiser. Those attending are asked to donate $20 per candle. To buy a candle or learn more about the event see here

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Legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers heat up San Antonio with 2023 tour stop

one hot minute

One of alternative rock's most legendary acts is headed to San Antonio on their highly anticipated North American tour next year. Red Hot Chili Peppers will play the Alamodome on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

Kicking off in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 29, RHCP will also stop in Houston's Minute Maid Park on Thursday, May 25 to close out the North American leg of the tour before heading to Europe. Effortlessly hip modern rock band The Strokes will support the Chili Peppers on both Texas stops, along with talented bassist-vocalist Thundercat.

Tickets go on sale at 10 am Friday, December 9 online. Other supporting acts along the way include Iggy Pop, The Roots, The Mars Volta, St. Vincent, City and Colour, and King Princess.

Touring in support of their two No. 1 studio albums released in 2022, Unlimited Love and Return of the Dream Canteen, the Chili Peppers have played sold-out shows in London, Paris, Los Angeles, and more with notable artists such as A$AP Rocky, Anderson.Paak, Beck, and HAIM.

The first rock band in 17 years to score two No. 1 albums in one year, the band has been red-hot on the Billboard charts and at the MTV Video Music Awards, where they received the Global Icon Award and brought the house down with a performance of the No. 1 single “Black Summer,'' which also won the award for Best Rock Video.

Fronted by the impossibly chiseled and ageless (he's 60!) Anthony Kiedis, the Chili Peppers formed in 1983. Unabashedly proud of their LA roots, the band burst onto the scene with early singles such as "Higher Ground" and "Give It Away," both showcases of bassist Flea's slappin', funk-fueled basslines.

Throughout the peak of alternative music in the '90s, the band saw tragedy, personnel changes at guitar, and reinventions — Kiedes' rap-singing, Flea's bass grooves, and singalong choruses all constants over the decades.

While many '90s alt-rock acts fizzled, the Chili Peppers stayed relevant; the band boasts two anthemic singles with more than 1 billion streams — "Californication" and "Under the Bridge" — and more than 25 million followers on Spotify.

Expect this show to be packed with Gen Xers and new fans for what promises to be one hot minute.

Red Hot Chili Peppers 2023 tour dates:

  • Wednesday, March 29 – Vancouver – BC Place
  • Saturday, April 1 – Las Vegas – Allegiant Stadium
  • Thursday, April 6 – Fargo, North Dakota – FargoDome
  • Saturday, April 8 – Minneapolis – US Bank Stadium
  • Friday, April 14 – Syracuse, New York – JMA Wireless Dome
  • Friday, May 12 – San Diego – Snap Dragon Stadium
  • Sunday, May 14 – Phoenix – State Farm Stadium
  • Wednesday, May 17 – San Antonio – Alamodome
  • Friday, May 19 – Gulf Shores, Alabama – Hangout Music Festival
  • Thursday, May 25 – Houston – Minute Maid Park

Texas-based 3D printing company tapped by NASA to build on the moon

To infinity and beyond

An Austin-based builder of 3D-printed homes, ICON, is making one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind by signing a $57 million contract with NASA to build on the moon.

According to a release from ICON, the Texas company will soon venture into a new frontier of space dimensions. The contract, announced on November 29, was awarded to the company under NASA's Phase III Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. This program allows ICON to use the $57 million award to build their Olympus system, which adds to previous construction done by both NASA and the Department of Defense for exploration of the moon and beyond.

"ICON’s Olympus system is intended to be a multi-purpose construction system primarily using local lunar and Martian resources as building materials to further the efforts of NASA as well as commercial organizations to establish a sustained lunar presence," the release stated.

The project will work in conjunction with NASA's Artemis program, which launched its first rocket in 50 years on November 15. ICON will work with the program to:

  • Use lunar regolith samples brought back from Apollo missions, in addition to other regolith simulants, to see their mechanical behavior in lunar gravity.
  • Bring advanced hardware and software into space through a lunar gravity simulation flight.
  • Create results to inform future lunar construction approaches for the space community.
  • Establish critical infrastructure necessary for a sustainable lunar economy and habitation.

“The final deliverable of this contract will be humanity’s first construction on another world, and that is going to be a pretty special achievement," said Jason Ballard, ICON co-founder and CEO.

"It's a construction system we call Olympus system that will allow us to use the local materials of the moon to build all the elements of infrastructure necessary for a lunar outpost and ultimately a moon base ... launch and landing pads, roadways, habitats, you name it, all the things on the moon," said Ballard.

He added that they hope to start building on the moon by 2026, starting with a launch and landing pad.

In addition to the grant, ICON was awarded a subcontract in 2021 to support NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate to create the world's first and only simulated 3D-printed Mars surface habitat. Called Mars Dune Alpha, it is located at NASA's Johnson Space Center and is assisting in long-duration science missions.


Read the full story and watch the video at KVUE.com.

6 things to know in San Antonio food right now: New beer garden quietly opens

New You Can Eat

Editor's note: We get it. It can be difficult to keep up with the fast pace of San Antonio's restaurant and bar scene. We have you covered with our regular roundup of essential food news.


The owners of Gold Feather have unofficially untapped a new venture, LadyBird Beer Garden. Although official channels are keeping details mum, a Facebook page run by landlords VLA Real Estate spilled the beans on the November 25 opening. In addition to serving craft beer, the concept at 447 W. Hildebrand Ave has a full kitchen, bar, and a small patio for enjoying the mild December weather.

Months after coyly announcing a second location, Elotitos Corn Bar sprouted a new Government Hill location on December 3. The snack shop is well known for its aguas frescas and elotes flights, offering the street food staple in various flavors. The new outpost is open Monday through Saturday, 3-9 pm.

Following the recent San Antonio expansion of Oregon-based Dutch Bros Coffee, another out-of-towner is gaining some local buzz. According to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation records, Arkansas franchise 7 Brew Coffee is brewing its first Alamo City location at 4825 Walzem Rd. Barring delays, the project will be completed in May 2023.

Pop-up concept Rose Hip Coffee has found a permanent home at 116 W. Olmos Dr. in Olmos Park. The broadened Rose Hip Market combines caffeine with boutique retail, offering everything from kid's clothes to ready-to-eat sandwiches and salads. The playful equestrian wallpaper might make it a can't-miss selfie spot.

Other news and notes

A new cocktail conference will lift San Antonio's spirits in January. The Culinaria-hosted Third Coast Cocktail Summit will feature seminars, tastings, dinners, and tipsy soirées during its five-day run from January 10-14. All-access passes are now available for $250 for industry and $500 for general admission at the nonprofit's website.

In other booze news, Kinsman's Brandy Alexander Tour is back in full swing for the holiday season. Dorćol Distilling's annual celebration of the famous desert cocktail has drafted 14 spots to offer the renowned desert cocktail this year, including several newcomers like Allora, Bar Loretta, Double Standard, Ladino, and Sojourn Trading Co. A full list of participants can be found here.