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New report shows how much it pays to work in tech in San Antonio

New report shows how much it pays to work in tech in San Antonio

San Antonio skyline
The median tech salary in San Antonio is more than double the median salary for the metro. Photo by SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images

It truly pays to work in the tech sector in San Antonio.

report published January 11 by Austin-based tech company Spanning Cloud Apps LLC shows workers in the San Antonio-New Braunfels metro area can more than double their pay when they hold down a tech job. In fact, San Antonio ranks sixth among the country's largest metro areas for the pay advantage in tech occupations versus all occupations.

According to the report, the median annual pay for a San Antonio-area tech job stood at $81,870 in 2019. By comparison, the median annual pay for all occupations sat at $36,130. That puts the area's median tech pay 124.7 percent higher than the median pay for all occupations, giving San Antonio a No. 6 ranking in that category.

The metro is in good company with two other Lone Star hot spots: Dallas-Fort Worth, at 127 percent, ranks fourth, and Houston, at 124.8 percent, ranks fifth in terms of the pay premium offered by tech jobs. At No. 27 is Austin, with a 106.1 percent pay premium for tech jobs.

However, for median tech pay ($81,870), San Antonio is in 30th place among large metro areas. Meanwhile, DFW ($91,760) claims the No. 12 spot, Houston is in 15th place ($91,190), and Austin is in 24th place ($85,640). 

The report identifies 28,200 tech workers in San Antonio-New Braunfels, 35th place. Elsewhere in the state, DFW ranks fifth (158,490 tech workers), with Houston at No. 15 (84,040), and Austin at No. 18 (66,800).

The spanning report, which is based on data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows a mere 2.7 percent of local employees work in computer and math occupations, putting San Antonio at the bottom of the pile, at No. 42. Houston ranks No. 41 (2.8 percent), while Austin ranks sixth (6.2 percent) and DFW ranks 13th (4.3 percent). 

San Jose, California, takes the No. 1 spot, with 12.7 percent of employees working in computer and math occupations. 


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