Opening doors

San Antonio's newest public artwork opens doors to city's history of equality

San Antonio's new public artwork opens doors to history of equality

Door of Equality (La Puerta de Igualdad)
Door of Equality (La Puerta de Igualdad) was installed earlier this week. Photo by Screenville Films/GetCreativeSA

San Antonio's newest public artwork is opening doors and inviting viewers to learn more about the city's rich history of civil and human rights. Door of Equality (La Puerta de Igualdad), a 33-foot sculpture, was unveiled this week in its new home in the San Pedro roundabout, about a block north of the San Antonio Central Library.

The sculpture was created by the Mexican artist Sebastian and is a gift to the City of San Antonio from Fundación Sebastian and Siempre México. Its installation on October 26 marks the culmination of the year-long "Sebastian in San Antonio: 50+ Years/20+ sites/100+ works," a citywide retrospective featuring more than 100 works by the artist. 

A striking, cobalt blue sculpture sits atop a cement platform stamped with the word "equality." It features two tightly wound geometric pillars standing side by side, each with its own meaning. The first symbolizes peace, tranquility, and wisdom, while the second column represents loyalty, strength, and trust.

“With the current climate we are living in, one where walls are being proposed, I wanted to create a work that speaks to the importance of keeping doors open and being vigilant about true equality,” Sebastian said in a release. 

The sculpture is also lit from within, meant to highlight "the fire and energy surrounding San Antonio’s history." Door of Equality (La Puerta de Igualdad), notes the City of San Antonio, is the first of Sebastian's work to incorporate light.

It might be his first to incorporate light, but Door of Equality (La Puerta de Igualdad) isn't Sebastian's first public work in the Alamo City. The Mexican artist also created the iconic La Antorcha de la Amistad, the towering 63-foot red sculpture downtown. If La Antorcha... was designed as a welcoming message for visitors, Door of Equality is a reminder that everyone has a right to feel at home in San Antonio.

“Our city has a powerful history of fighting for rights that are inclusive and support everyone. Today, there’s many conversations and movements championing for thorough and considerate efforts starting right in the heart of downtown,” said District 1 Councilman Roberto Treviño. “The Door of Equality (La Puerta de Igualdad) serves as a visual reminder of how we must continue to champion behind what is right and just.”