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San Antonio-based Whataburger tinkers with classic cinnamon roll recipe

San Antonio-based Whataburger tinkers with original cinnamon roll

Whataburger cinnamon roll
Behold the new cinnamon roll. Photo courtesy of Whataburger

In what some might say is a risky move, San Antonio-based Whataburger has revamped the recipe on a non-burger menu item it's had for years — a new cinnamon roll that bears little resemblance to the one of old.

Whataburger has actually had cinnamon rolls for years. But to the dismay of some customers (on Reddit, of course), they've replaced them with a new version they describe as featuring "more cinnamon, a light and sweet doughnut glaze, and a drizzle of white frosting."

"These are served warm, and make for a lightly golden and crispy outside with a soft, doughy middle," says a release.

The previous cinnamon rolls were rough-hewn and more substantial, with a thick white icing that covered the entire top. You knew you were eating something.

The new ones have a different texture, size, and presentation, with a more definitive spiral form. Meanwhile, the texture is lighter and airier — less "bready." (It's more like a doughnut. A cinnamon roll doughnut.)

The most significant change is what's on top. The gratifyingly sugar-shock thick icing has been replaced by a girlishly delicate drizzle.

They're available not just at breakfast but 24 hours a day. Everyone knows that cinnamon rolls are best consumed in the middle of the night.

You can buy them individually or in a tray of six, which Whataburger says is "for sharing," but who are they kidding.