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San Antonio do-gooder gets famous on Lay's potato chips bag

San Antonio do-gooder gets famous on Lay's potato chips bag

Mona Patel Lay's potato chips
Mona the person, and Mona on Lay's potato chips. Photo courtesy of Lay's

A San Antonio hero will be featured in a campaign by Lay's, in which her face will appear on potato chip bags.

Mona Patel, founder of the San Antonio Amputee Foundation, is part of a campaign by Plano-based Lay's to spotlight people who were nominated because they are "actively spreading joy." According to a release, 30 people in total were selected by Lay's to appear on millions of new potato chip bags that are dropping in store shelves this month – with up to $1 million in proceeds benefiting Operation Smile.

Actually, it's not really their faces so much as their teeth. The image on the chip bags includes the bottom half of their faces only, IE their smiles. So joyous.

The recipients are officially identified by first name and last initial only, as follows, but if you know your way around charitable endeavors, it's not hard to figure out who's who.

Patel's writeup is as follows:

As founder of the San Antonio Amputee Foundation, Mona helps to better the lives of amputees — from campaigning for better prosthetic insurance coverage to leading a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro.

The campign is being launched in conjunction with the return of three fan-favorite limited-time-only Lay’s potato chip flavors:

  • Lay’s Fried Pickles with Ranch
  • Lay’s Hot Sauce (in partnership with Frank’s RedHot)
  • Lay’s Kettle Cooked Beer Cheese.

The chips are now on shelves.

This is the third year for the Lay's Smiles campaign, but for the first time, the designs were created using CGI technology, since COVID-19 put the kibosh on any in-person sessions. (They usually bring all the candidates to Dallas for a VIP photo and video shoot experience.)

Instead, the chip stars sent in self-portraits using their phones – and the resulting amateur photos were professionally enhanced before being transferred on to the Lay's bags.