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San Antonio liquor chain celebrates end of summer with sizzling Dollar Sale deals

San Antonio liquor chain celebrates summer with Dollar Sale deals

Twin Liquors Hancock Austin
Twin Liquors is offering dazzling deals on wine and spirits during its summer Dollar Sale. Photo courtesy of Twin Liquors

Looking to expand your liquor collection past that sad bottle of Kahlua gathering dust on the counter? Head to any San Antonio-area Twin Liquors for its famous Dollar Sale to stock up on all your favorites for a fraction of the cost.

The twice-a-year party returns August 29-31 to all of the Texas-based liquor chain’s 80-plus stores. The sale gets its name from the pricing structure. Twin drops almost its entire stock of large-format wines and spirits to the rock-bottom price, then adds a buck just for kicks.

Some exclusions do apply and the sale only applies to bottles that are 750 milliliters or larger. For reference, that’s the size of a standard bottle of wine or a fifth of vodka or whiskey. Unfortunately for hop heads, that does exclude most beers, but some bigger brews are still eligible for discounts.

Recipe for success
For newcomers, it’s helpful to have a plan of attack. Savvy shoppers should start training early by paying the store a visit and familiarizing themselves with the store layout. The Dollar Sale is like a boozy version of Black Friday and you may be battling seasoned pros for that last bottle of Scotch.

On the day of, arrive before opening and grab a cart. At 9:30 am, there will be a breakfast taco truck at the Hancock store at 1000 E. 41st St., but wait until after the hunt to give in to its eggy delights.

Begin with the basics
Once the doors unlock, make a beeline towards your favorite spirit or wine. Comfortable shoes are essential unless you want to be the star of a YouTube titled “Man trips with armload full of rum.”

Be warned that a few categories tend to be gobbled up faster than others. If vodka and whiskey on the list, head for that bottle of Whistle Pig or Glenlivet first. Wine lovers should stake out the pricier reds and bubbles before considering a Santa Barbara Grenache.

Add a twist
Once your basic bar is filled, head immediately to the supporting players. We recommend starting with the most popular brands like Campari and Chartreuse before debating if you need a bottle of Midori (hint: you don’t). To get in on the low-alcohol trend, snag a bottle of Aperol or Cynar, its artichoke-based cousin. Both make a delightful spritz that’s refreshing all year long.

The first day is also the time to add some old overlooked classics to every home bar. Cognac is making a comeback, and fortified wines like port and sherry should be in any cocktail enthusiasts arsenal. Try the latter in a piña colada or a simple sherry cobbler.

Then it’s time to experiment. Grab a bottle of Chareau, a delightful aloe-based liqueur that adds a bit of freshness to every drink. Or maybe it’s time to try Scandanavian aquavit. We like it in a shot with a pickle back.

If you still have specific questions on pricing or exclusions, Twin Liquors is holding a Facebook Live preview event on August 28 at 7:30 pm. Tune in here for a special preview.