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San Antonio apartments are among the smallest in Texas, says new data

San Antonio apartments are among the smallest in Texas, says new data

San Antonio apartment building
San Antonio apartments are getting smaller, but single-family homes are getting bigger. Photo courtesy of Abodo

People are flocking to San Antonio — even if it means living in less space.

Data released September 8 by StorageCafé, a self-storage marketplace, shows that both apartment dwellers are increasingly choosing to shrink their footprint. With an average of 894 square feet, San Antonio is tied for the smallest newly built apartments among Texas’ major cities. Though, because everything is bigger in Texas, the Alamo City still claims the eighth largest apartments among the 20 biggest cities in the U.S.

It's been a relatively dramatic drop in space over the past 10 years. Back in 2010, the average newly built apartment encompassed 970 square feet in San Antonio.

Elsewhere in Texas:

  • Austin has similar numbers to San Antonio, clocking in at average of 894 square feet. In 2010, a Capital City apartment averaged 948 square feet.
  • Fort Worth has the third largest newly built apartments in the U.S., at 921 square feet in 2019. That’s down from 964 in 2010.
  • Dallas has the seventh largest newly built apartments in the U.S., at 908 square feet in 2019. That figure was 988 in 2010.
  • Houston, at 937 square feet,  has the second largest newly built apartments among the country’s 20 biggest cities and the largest in Texas.

When it comes to house size, however, San Antonio's newly built single-family homes are growing. Over the past decade, the average size of a newly built home in the city stood at 2,384 square feet in 2019 — up from 2,332 in 2010.

Austin's smaller trend is also evident in construction of new single-family homes. The Capital City checks in with an average of 2,512 square feet for newly built homes in 2019 — down from 2,637 in 2010. 

Meanwhile, Dallas takes the crown for the largest newly built single-family houses in Texas, at an average of 3,108 square feet in 2019, up from 2,936 in 2010, according to StorageCafé. The 2019 figure puts Dallas fifth in the ranking of the 20 largest U.S. cities.

In the Texas pecking order, Houston ranks second for average size of a newly built home, going from 2,423 square feet in 2010 to 2,593 square feet in 2019. Houston ranks ninth nationally for the size of newly built homes.

Meanwhile, Fort Worth has the smallest newly built homes among Texas’ major cities, at an average of 2,350 in 2019, up from 2,340 in 2010. Nationally, Fort Worth ranks 15th for home size among the top 20.

Where are the largest newly built houses in major cities? That honor goes to Chicago, at an average of 3,330 square feet in 2019, up from 2,414 square feet in 2010.