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Here's how much apartment you can rent in San Antonio on the median income

Here's how much space you can rent in San Antonio on the median income

Trinity Residences apartment Fort Worth
Don't expect to live large on the median income in San Antonio. Photo courtesy of Trinity Residences

Living in a big city comes at a cost: smaller living spaces. That couldn't be more true in San Antonio, where the average-size apartment is out of reach for those earning the median income.

That's according to a new study from RentCafe that looked at how much space residents can afford to rent on the local median income, without spending more than 30 percent of their earnings and becoming cost-burdened.

A San Antonio resident earning the median income of $3,009 a month can afford only 756 square feet of apartment, which comes to $903 a month. The average apartment in San Antonio, though, is 853 square feet and goes for $1,018 a month.

In Texas' other major cities, the amount of space you can afford on the median income varies, but all are smaller than the average apartment.

Austin is the most expensive spot in the state. The median income there ($3,964 a month) covers only 751 square feet and costs $1,189 a month, while the average apartment is 864 square feet and costs a steep $1,369 a month. Dallas offers the least amount of space of all the Texas cities mentioned in the study. Its median income ($3,214 a month) covers only 679 square feet of apartment for $964 a month, however, the average apartment is 844 square feet and costs $1,199 a month.

Fort Worth residents earning the median income ($3,279 a month) can afford the most space: up to 788 square feet for $984. The average apartment there is 871 square feet and costs $1,088 a month. In Houston, the median income of $3,143 a month gets you 757 square feet for $943, while the average apartment is 879 square feet and costs $1,094 a month.

Interestingly, in only 14 large U.S. cities can someone earning the median income afford a bigger-than-average apartment. Among them are Plano, where you can live large in 1,137 square feet of apartment (versus the average 935) for the median income, and Irving, where you can get 912 square feet of living space (compared to an average of 852).