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Texas’ fastest wooden roller coaster finally drops into San Antonio

Texas’ fastest wooden roller coaster finally drops into San Antonio

Texas Stingray San Antonio SeaWorld
The Texas Stingray opens later this month.  Great Coasters International, Inc./Facebook

The tallest, longest, and fastest wooden roller coaster in Texas soon will coast into the lineup at SeaWorld San Antonio.

The Texas Stingray roller coaster will publicly debut February 29, according to SeaWorld. The ride features a height of 96 feet, 3,379 feet (nearly 0.64 miles) of track, and speeds up to 55 mph.

On February 22 and 23, holders of high-level SeaWorld passes (platinum, gold, and silver) will enjoy private access to Texas Stingray. February 23 is the park’s annual Pass Member Appreciation Day.

“The opening of SeaWorld San Antonio kicks off the start of the regional theme park season for 2020, and Texas Stingray is the first new attraction opening of the year,” according to the Theme Park Insider website.

Other highlights of the more than two-minute ride include a dramatic 100-foot drop and 16 airtime hills. A rider must be at least 46 inches tall (a little over 3.8 feet) to go on the coaster.

SeaWorld announced the new roller coaster in September 2019. It sits across from the new Turtle Reef exhibit between Orca Stadium and the Rio Loco river rapids ride.

“Texas Stingray marks a new wave of excitement for SeaWorld,” Scott Bacon, the park’s vice president of general services, said in a September 2019 release. “We continue to provide new reasons to visit SeaWorld and offer exciting new adventures for our guests with a blend of thrilling rides, family attractions and incredible animal and educational experiences.”

Coaster101.com ranks Texas Stingray as the country’s seventh most anticipated new roller coaster of 2020. USA Today placed it on a recent list of this year’s 10 most anticipated new roller coasters.

Texas Stingray is the fifth roller coaster at the San Antonio theme park. Greater Coasters International Inc., based in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, manufactured the ride.