Holiday Happenings San Antonio 2018
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Save the holiday with these 5 San Antonio grocery stores open Christmas Day 2018

5 San Antonio grocery stores open Christmas Day 2018

La Michoacana grocery store exterior
La Michoacana will save the day. La Michoacana/Facebook

The big day has arrived, the tree is trimmed and the table is set — and suddenly you realize you forgot to buy those few essential items to complete the Christmas Day feast. While chain favorites like H-E-B, Whole Foods Market, and Trader Joe’s will be closed on December 25, there are plenty of local bodegas and speciality markets to check out instead.

Whether it’s the classic glazed holiday ham or an extra roll (or five ... no judgement here) of sugar cookie dough, these San Antonio grocery stores have you covered.

Himalayan Bazar
This family-run South Asian market is a vegetarian’s paradise. Find everything you need to warm up traditional holiday dishes including typically hard-to-find Indian spices, Nepalese favorites, and fresh produce. The small store even sells handcrafted jewelry, perfect for last-minute stocking additions.

Open: 10 am - 10 pm
8466 Fredericksburg Rd. — 210-614-8600

Evan’s Groceries
This Indian/Pakistani and Halal market on the north side is a treasure trove for exotic produce, and great for on-the-go shopping. Find everything from tinda, a unique squash-like gourd popular in Indian curries, to green sour mangoes and meats for making Christmas-inspired stews or kebabs.

Open: 10 am - 10 pm
21003 Encino Commons, Ste. 104 — 210-495-2527

Larder at Hotel Emma has just everything for a bougie holiday meal, complete with unique ingredients sure to satisfy any self-proclaimed “foodie.” Peruse Larder's gourmet charcuterie spreads or take home foodstuffs with an authentically European flare. Sneak away to the hotel bar for a much-deserved cocktail to help soothe any relative-induced holiday jitters.

Open: 6 am - 6 pm
136 E. Grayson St. — 210-448-8355

La Michoacana Meat Market
Since 1986, La Michoacana has been the go-to markets for those looking for high-quality meats; authentic Mexican candies; and beloved breads and pastries like bolillo, a crusty white bread, and concha, a sweet roll with a seashell-like pattern on top that is a staple in all Mexican bakeries. With more than a dozen locations around San Antonio, La Michoacana is the perfect stop for some south-of-the-border cooking inspiration.

Open: 6 am - 7 pm
Locations throughout San Antonio

Shahi IndoPak Grocery
This Indian grocery is known for a friendly staff that treats customers like family, unique foods, and decent prices. Still in need of a dessert or two to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth at your holiday get-together? Shahi’s Asian bakery is a must.

Open: 10 am - dependent on the number of customers
20323 Huebner Rd.— 210-481-2225