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The ultimate San Antonio Spurs license plate can be yours — but it'll cost you

The ultimate Spurs license plate can be yours — but it'll cost you

Go Spurs Texas vanity license plate
One lucky fan will own the one-and-only GO SPURS license plate. Photo courtesy of My Plates

The ultimate symbol of Spurs pride can be yours — if the price is right. A one-of-a-kind Texas vanity license plate reading GO SPURS is up for grabs in the Great Plate Auction through November 30.

The annual online auction hosted by My Plates, Texas' official vanity license vendor, features 50 unique plate messages, ranging from AUSTIN to GRANDPA, with a minimum bid of $500 each.

As of publish time, the bid for the one-of-a-kind San Antonio Spurs plate is $750, but it could go much higher. The most expensive Texas license plate — 12THMAN — sold for a cool $115,000 in 2013. The question now is how much is Spurs pride really worth?

Each license plate is awarded for a five-year term, and the owner gets first dibs on renewing the plate. Vanity plates are also legally transferable. Winners can choose from more than 30 designs for seven-character plates, but we think the specialty silver and black makes the boldest statement.

The Great Plate Auction closes November 30 at 8 pm. Proceeds from the sale benefit the state's General Revenue Fund, which is used to support a variety of Texas projects.