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San Antonio clocks in with unhappy workforce, says new report

San Antonio clocks in with unhappy workforce, says new report

Man frustrated with paperwork and computer
Considering San Antonians aren't using up our annually allotted vacation days, it's no wonder the city is full of unhappy workers.  Photo by Jamie Grill/Getty Images

The Alamo City may be a work in progress when it comes to content laborers.

A report from job website Lensa ranks San Antonio as No. 8 among the U.S. cities with the unhappiest workers.

The report looks at four factors — vacation days taken, hours worked per week, average pay, and overall happiness — to determine the happiest and unhappiest cities for U.S. workers.

Lensa examined data for 30 major cities, including Dallas and Houston. Dallas appears at the top of the list of the cities with the unhappiest workers, and Houston lands at No. 3.

Minneapolis ranks first among the cities with the happiest workers.

Texas tops Lensa’s list of the states with the unhappiest workers.

Here’s how San Antonio fared in the four ranking categories:

  • 5.7 million unused vacation days per year.
  • 39.2 average hours worked per week.
  • Median annual pay of $25,894.
  • Happiness score of out of 100: 48.61.


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