The Secret's Out

The secret's out: San Antonio revealed as America's next big thing

The secret's out: San Antonio revealed as America's next big thing

The Boiler House San Antonio Restaurant outside outdoor patio sign
The vibrant Pearl Brewery district is just one of the many reasons that San Antonio is a "secretly cool" city. The Boiler House SA/Facebook

When it comes to hip destinations, Austin and Portland are old news. But San Antonio? Well, "San Antonio's time has come," says David Landsel for The Huffington Post.

The travel writer recently compiled a list of the top five "secretly cool cities" poised to become the next big thing, and San Antonio takes the No. 3 spot.

"After years of sprawl, the heart of town is bouncing back tremendously as a place to live," explains Landsel. "[The River Walk connects] a great deal of what makes the city so compelling, from new and old neighborhoods to cultural institutions and, of course, the old mission churches, which together form a tremendous national historic park."

Following the usual nods to the River Walk, Huffington Post name drops iconic fixtures such as the Pearl Brewery, with its plethora of dining and entertainment options, as well as the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts for "fusing classic and modern architecture in a waterside setting."

The article also warns people of the "house envy" they'll experience while exploring the King William Historic District. In addition to classic 19th-century design, the area also boasts one of our favorite breweries as well as two of our top picks for al fresco dining.

Rounding out HuffPo's top five cool cities are Jacksonville, Florida (No. 1); Baltimore, Maryland (No. 2); Sacramento, California (No. 4); and Albuquerque, New Mexico (No. 5). To read more about how amazing San Antonio is, head to Huffington Post.