IV-therapy health bar trickles into San Antonio with first Texas location

IV-therapy bar trickles into San Antonio with first Texas location

DripBar offers a variety of IV therapies for what ails you. DripBar/Facebook

If you’ve been feeling a little sluggish or want to help slow the signs of aging, San Antonio’s newest bar is happy to hit you with its best shot. But instead of shots of booze, it’s serving up intravenous therapy infusions.

The DripBar, a Rhode Island-based health center franchise founded in 2016 and now boasting nearly 200 locations in development in eight states, has opened its first Texas location — at 22250 Bulverde Rd. at The Shops at Fossil Creek in San Antonio.

The new San Antonio location is the first of 30 or so DripBar locations the company plans to open throughout the San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas area markets. 

Owned and operated by locals Angelica and Enrique Sanchez, the new San Antonio DripBar will offer IV therapy infusions that aim to enable its clients to “live more vital, energized lives and make them more resilient to disease.”

DripBar touts its vitamin-supported drips for easing conditions such as the common cold, headaches, and cancer, and claims they can even help slow the signs of aging.

On tap at DripBar are 18 IV lifestyle and health-support drips, including the Jet Setter (an antioxidant- and hydration-rich IV perfect prior to free-radical-ridden plane travel), Time Machine (a vitamin-forward anti-aging therapy), Restoration (recovery-focused therapy that flushes toxins from the body), Flu Fighter (an immune-supporting and hydrating IV therapy), and High C (a high-dose vitamin C therapy that claims to be able to kill cancer cells and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients).

But life is busy, and sometimes you just don’t have time to suck up the benefits of a full IV, so DripBar also offers IM Quick Shots, five-minute health boosts featuring with a variety of vitamins to help clients energize, detox, support healthy skin, get an aid in fat reduction, and improve workouts.

“We are delighted in bringing The DripBar concept to San Antonio,” says Angelica Sanchez. “We want guests to walk into our new location and instantly feel a sense of elegance and comfort while taking care of their bodies from within. The DripBar’s concept and mission is intended to have something to help everyone, whether you’re battling cancer or a busy parent on the go.”

While IV drip bars are not new, they have become a bit trendier of late, perhaps for their ability to help revitalize those with hangovers, food poisoning, and dehydration. And some critics note that these therapies are not often covered by health insurance and can get quite pricey. (DripBar’s therapies range from $175-$349, with IM Quick Shots costing less: $20-$60.)

One article from the Harvard Health Blog says “while patient empowerment is generally a good thing,” customers should do their homework before rushing for the drip, and may even want to consult a doctor first.

For the owners of the new San Antonio DripBar, the proof is in the poking.

“We are offering our clients the proper tools needed to give their bodies a fighting chance against sickness and ailments,” says Enrique Sanchez. “This health and wellness approach starts at a cellular level and really focuses on improved quality of life and overall longevity.”

DripBar in San Antonio is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 am-7 pm, Saturday from 9 am-5 pm, and Sunday from 10 am-3 pm.